02 June 2010

Crinkly Squishy Cracked Warm

Being a mother you really need great self-esteem. You know, for when your kids make comments about your appearance? When they point out your spots and your wobbles... OK, is that just me, then?

I'm learning to laugh it off. I mean, I'm not getting any younger, this is as good as it's gonna get from here on in. So if I can't live with myself knowing I'm no longer twenty-five, trim, toned and terrific, then I'm going to be pretty miserable for the rest of my life, dontcha think??

The other day for instance. I am sitting at my computer, and Miss Fab is right next to me; we are turning her drawings into my new blog header and she is watching closely. Ve-e-e-rrry closely. She is staring intently at me, with a puzzled frown on her face.

"M-u-u-um? Did you know that your face is all, um, crinkly????" she blurts.

I can't help myself, I just crack up laughing. Crinkly! My face is crinkly! Yep. I'm 40. What can I say? My skin can no longer stand up to intense microscropic scrutiny. I mean, I had to laugh right? Laugh or cry?? I choose laugh.

Then last night. The other kids are in the Land of Nod, but Dash sneaks out and squirms in beside me on the couch.

"I want a snuggle," he says wrapping himself around me, and wriggling in close.

I should probably growl at him and tell him to get to bed, but I actually enjoy our after-bedtime chats and the fact that my lanky seven-year-old comes to cuddle his mama. So we chat. He asks for stories. He cuddles in and says with a sigh, "Oh you are just so warm!"

I smile at him; there are times when being a curvy mama has it's advantages. I decide to test the waters.

"Do you think you would like snuggles with mummy as much if I were all boney???" I ask.

"Mmmmm," he replies, "Well it's good that you are squishy because you're warm..." Then he pauses and stares intently at my face; we are practically nose to nose.

"...But mum did you realise that there are cracks around your eyes... and on your face... here - and here - and here...?"

Cracks!!! All of a sudden I am giggling like a schoolgirl. I have cracks! Hilarious.

Maybe it's strange, but I am at peace with my 40-year-old self.

I've decided I don't mind having cracks and crinkles and being squishy - as long as my kids like to snuggle me because I'm warm.

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Unknown said...

That is so great! It's hard to accept what the years bring. I just saw myself in pictures from the beach today... ugh. When did I get so hippy??? And all those 20-something girls strolling along in their bikinis don't help a mom of three out at all! Oh well... that's life, huh? We're all headed down the same road. Have a great day!

Fiona said...

Yeah - smile crinkle/cracks are GREAT. It's the frown ones that worry me. Do I really frown THAT MUCH? That pic of you and Dash and the starrie/stary/starry (?) sky is absolutely fabulous. YOu're G O R G E O U S !!!!! and that pic shows a feb. connection between you and your son. Well done.

Fiona said...

oops - I meant fab. - fabulous

Anonymous said...

Absolutely...I like your attitude here
I know I would rather cuddle with some one who was not boney!
There is a peace that comes with age...I LOVE it I am GRATEFUL for it!

ps you are beautiful!

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

Love this post - I was just checking out all of my new wrinkles in the mirror on the way to school this morning!

We get the same comments here too - love your attitude!

Anonymous said...

I am wrinkly AND boney. Pity me.

Brigitte said...

Oh that's delightful! I love that you choose to laugh about it. Well done you!

Brandi said...

That is cute. Kids are so honest... I guess that's why it's hard to be upset when they make an observation like that. Mine do the same thing to me. But, on some occasions, my middle child will look at me and say 'mom, you're really pretty' or he'll notice a new nail polish or a new outfit and that always makes me smile. ;)

Carolee Hollenback said...

Great post! Aren't kids a riot?

Good thing you have a fantastic sense of humor :-)

BTW- I'm your newest follower!

S and family said...

You have a great attitude about it, as do your followers who are commenting here. Be glad your kids are willing to speak frankly with you! ; )
My youngest (age 4) told me I was so old I'd be dead soon. But I knew what he meant. : ) It's all good!

Anonymous said...

I love it. My daughter often tells me "Mum, did you know you're fat? That's okay though. I love you."

The bare truthfulness of it all!! ;) (But I love the descriptors!!)

Ann Kroeker said...

This reminds me of the Proverbs 31 gal who "can laugh at the days to come." You are aging well, not because your skin is perfectly smooth in its 40s, but because you can accept the inevitable with such hilarity and joy! What a great attitude to model to your kids, too!

My fellow High Calling Blogs editor Dena Dyer just came out with a book--I haven't read it, but it seems like a good fit with this topic. It's called _Let the Crow's Feet and Laugh Lines Come_.

Bring it on!

Jaime said...

OMG! I did - I came over to have a laugh at your expense. That is so funny! I think I needed to hear it from another kid - I mean the comments. I know they are not meant to be hurtful and they are as pure and innocent as can be. You have to love them for everything they do and say - even if sometimes I secretly want to shave my wee one's hair off and force feed her doughnuts! ok - JK kinda....

<3 Jaime

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