07 June 2010

Fabulous, Darling

Ab-Fab, Absolutely Fabulous, Miss Fab: that's where my girl gets her blog name. It used to be Princess. Ah, but somehow this name just suits her so much better. We actually call her Miss Fab in real life. Because she is Fab. Fabulous, darling.

A fashion icon. A girl of definite style. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't (this is what she wore to watch her brother's football match on Saturday... totally her own choosing.)

A girl of action. Too much sitting around drives her bonkers. She's craves social contact, she thrives on interaction. A rainy day stuck at home while daddy works on the weekend...? Up the walls! 

So what does she do? She says, let's go outside and pile up the leaves and jump in them!

So that's what we do, me in my slippers; Scrag in his choo-choo boots. Um no. Actually we couldn't find those. I think he MAY have been in bare feet. Gulp.

Did you know it's winter here in New Zealand? Not cold though. Just a bit soggy. See, she's stripping off those layers...?!

After fun with leaves comes...

...climbing trees. Oh she is fab at climbing. A regular monkey; she has no fear of heights. Our climbing tree is pathetically small, but she makes the best of it.

Then it's time for an acrobatic display on the trampoline. Oh my.
I had no idea she had gotten so good.

Now I am feeling really really guilty that I never got around to signing her up for gymnastics this term. Next term, I promise.

And now, tonight - she lost her first Tooth. It's under her pillow in a pretty pink bag, waiting for the Tooth Fairy.

There was bleeding and tears when it came out. I felt like crying myself.
My baby girl! She's growing up.

For all that her air-raid siren-outbursts make me want to scratch my eyes out from the pain, at times, she is usually the most loving, sweet little girl. Tonight she wrapped herself around me and whispered in my ear "I love you M-U-M!" She's learning to spell. Losing her teeth. Turning six next month. Growing up.
Happy-sad. Bitter-sweet. So I'd better make the most of now.

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Sophie said...

Love her diva outfit!

Widge said...

Oh wow that second pic is PRICELESS!! Fabulous sweetie darh-ling

Catching the Magic said...

Fun, fun, fun!

I was up in Auckland this past week and enjoyed the temperature being double that of Wellington.

Looks like your Princess knows how to have fun whatever the weather! Great action photos!

Holly Lefevre said...

Miss Fab seems like a perfect name. I want a pink jacket like that! I hope my little girl goes girly again..right now it is Paul Frank monkey shirts only! UGH! I am beginning to hate monkeys.

Natasha in Oz said...

She is indeed very fabulous! She is like my Big Al too in that they don't seem to feel the cold!

Thanks so much for linking up your song to my Sunday Song post-I loved it!

I have just linked Big Al's post to the Kid's Click site and Maddy is just about to post hers...they did end up making their own blogs-it has been so much fun for them!

Take care and have a great week.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

awww I feel ya. How exciting about the tooth!! My son managed to swallow his first one. I told my two about the photo competition and they were all excited, but the boy is a perfectionist and couldn't decide on a photo to send. :)

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