09 June 2010

New KidsClick Theme: "This is Me"

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Our third competition theme is underway... this week it's all about YOU, with our theme:

"This is Me"

You need to find a way to take a photo of yourself in a way that tells us something about what kind of person you are, or what kind of things you are into etc.

Tricky?? Not really :)

My kids are always taking pictures of themselves by turning the camera around and taking self portraits; lots of them turn out really great! Then there's always the mirror - take a picture of yourself in a mirror (or two, or three)...

Another way might require mum or dad's help: set the camera on self-timer and then jump around in front of it!

What will your picture tell us about you?? What will you wear? a hat? facepaint? your favourite outfit? Pulling a silly face? Showing us your new tooth? Sitting on your bike? Use your imagination... We can't wait to meet you!

  • An interesting or clever photo
  • Something different or unusual
  • A picture where the photographer has tried to be creative

You have TWO WEEKS to take your picture and join in.

You can post your picture on a blog and link up below... or email it to me and I will past it here on KidsClickFun.com and link it up for you.

Last weeks' winnersAmelie and Little Man, will pick a favourite each (so two winners will be chosen (and their runners-up) PLUS My Pick will get a chance to share their tips with us here on KidsClickFun.com).

  1. Photos can be cropped or turned Black and White - but not edited in other ways.
  2. Kids must be aged younger than 15 years old.
  3. Please tell us your age and where you are from along with your photo, e.g. "Taken by Bobby, age 6, from Timbuctoo, Africa"
  4. If more than one person in your family wants to join in, that's great. Just make sure you label your photos so we know whose is who!
  5. Link up to your KidsClick post, not just your blog (so we can find it easily)
  6. Leave me a comment letting me know you've linked up!

Anyone can join in so spread the word.

You have until  TUESDAY EVENING 22nd JUNE to link up.

Get clicking kids! Take a photo that lets us know who you are!

Then link up here....

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Widge said...

opps sorry Simone! never got it done. Will aim for this week. Such a cool idea!

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