24 June 2010

KidsClick Results: "This is Me"

Next Week's Theme: "GREEN" (link up here)

It was fun getting to see all your lovely faces at KidsClick this week! What a handsome/beautiful bunch you all are!
There were some great self-portraits, where people had put in lots of effort to be creative, which is awesome to see. I'm sure that made it really tricky for the judges to pick a winner... in my mind you are all winners for putting in such a good effort :)
But we have to choose just ONE each... so lets dim the lights and get to the results....

Judge #1:
Little Man, from Iowa, USA (age 10)
Little Man was one of last weeks' winners, with his yucky photo of a mouldy strawberry. Little Man has chosen:

This is Me, Mario, by Mario, age 5 from Auckland New Zealand

Mario's picture is especially bright and clear and sharp. The colours are lovely. This was one of my personal favourites too, so great choice, Little Man! Mario gets to be a judge next time, well done Mario! Your picture is wonderful :)
Little Man didn't choose a runner up so I have picked one for him:

This is Maddy, by Maddy, Age 13, from Brisbane, Australia.

I loved the reflection in Maddy's sunglasses, and the bright green grass behind her. This was one of my favourite pictures. (If for some reason one of our judges can't judge, then Maddy will step in as judge next time; a bit like at the Miss Universe pageant eh??!)

Judge #2:
Amelie from Sydney, Australia (Age 7)

Amelie's favourite photo was:

The Power of Two, by Tyrese, age 8, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Well done Tyrese. It's a lovely smiley photo of you and your little sister :)
(Amelie didn't pick a runner up either, so we will just have one runner up this week, Maddy)

Which means that our two winners (and next time's judges) are Mario and Tyrese. Well done!

MY PICK: This Week for Outstanding Photo, I have chosen:

This is Me, by Aiden, age 7, from Vancouver, Canada.

I really love the way Aiden's freckles are so sharp but the rest of him is blurry. I like the funny mustache and the light. This photo was definitely outstanding for me.
So Aiden will get to write a post on the KidsClick website about how he took this picture and what his tips are for taking great photos. Big Al did a great job sharing his photography tips last week, did you read them?? CLICK HERE

Aiden has a blog called Aiden's World. Why don't you stop by and visit him? Thanks Aiden and well done!.

Next Week's Theme is: "GREEN"

This was suggested by Lucy, from Frog Goose and Bear. She had some great suggestions for themes and I love the idea of doing a green theme. It's a theme with a twist!
You can take a picture of something the colour green OR something Eco-friendly! Remember we are looking for unusual and creative photos. read up on the tips and then get clicking!

You have two weeks until
Thursday 8th JULY, 7pm
to link up HERE or email your photo entries to me: greatfun4kids@live.com

(Mums, if your kids haven't joined in KidsClick yet, why not link them up this time?? You don't have to be a blogger, just email me their photos, along with their name, age and where they're from. The kids are having great fun learning to be better photographers!)

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meg said...

Wahoo Mario will be stoked! Thanks :o) It's all about the macro function on the camera (and having a few goes at it)

count it all joy said...

Oh I've missed you so much!! Your bloggy makeover is gorgeous and so warm and inviting. It feels like such a happy place. I'll have to get the kids into this competition it looks like so much fun. Looking forward to catching up with all your adventures:) Meredy xo.

alicia said...

Congrats on the win Mario, Tyrese, Maddy, and Aiden. Can't wait to see what Little Man can find that is green.

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