18 June 2010

Scrag Speak

I love listening to my little one learning to speak.
(That little one who right now is squawking in his cot, calling out "Muuummeeee!" and refusing to sleep!)

I thought I'd write down his cute little sayings so I don't forget them in years to come... and I'm sure grandma will enjoy reading them too. The rest of you, just nod and smile indulgently... yes, it's going to be one of those posts... a proud mama gushing over her cute offspring. (Come on, I can't be profound every day!!)

Scrag's Dictionary:

  • dummygone: This is what Scrag calls his dummy (pacifier) - a dummygone. Probably because all he ever hears us saying is "Where's your dummy gone?"
  • bo'nighnighs: This is used interchangeably for bed (nighnighs) and bottle (bo'). "I'na bo'nighnighs" could mean "I want a bottle" or "I want to go to bed. He is not saying either right at this moment; he is shouting; "Mummy, MUP!"
  • mup: What he says for "up". Some confusion obviously arose from hearing us say, "do you want to come up...?" he heard cuh-mup; hence MUP.
  • gucky: What he says for yucky. Usually attached to the word poo, as in guckypoo. He does plenty of those so this is a very popular word.
  • Nono: How he says his own name (pronounced Nonno). It rhymes with the shortened version of his real name. Can you guess what that is??
  • Me, mine, my turn: His favourite and most frequently used sayings; Often used in conjunction with a mischievous giggle and a snatch'n'run burglary of some sort.
  • Doh: His name for Dash
  • Wubby: His name for Miss Fab
  • Choochoodain: Trains. He is mad over trains. We live close to a train line and he always stops when he hears the horn and then starts to act out "choochoochoochoo -toooot! Toooot!"
  • Perpy: What he calls Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine. Perpy is Scrag's favourite engine.
  • Jumpadee: Trampoline

This little guy and his attempts at language keep us laughing all day long, although he is a little too clever for his own good at times. For instance, he thinks he can put on his own DVDs. And has actually successfully done it a few times. Scary.

This morning I heard a little whistle blowing repeatedly (and annoyingly) somewhere in the house. Who's blowing that whistle???" I shouted, thinking it was one of the two older kids.
"MEEE!!!" called a little voice, and a cheeky little face peered around Dash's bedroom door. I was so surprised, all I could do was laugh, so of course he joined in the giggling, knowing he was cute'n'clever... and then carried on blowing that darn whistle.

A few weeks ago, we sat down together one morning with a cup of tea (me) and a Milo (him); a plate of cookies between us.
He was sitting at the table with me, like a big boy, rather than in his highchair, and it seemed so very civilised to be sitting there drinking our drinks together.
To be funny I said, "So, how is your day going, Scrag??"
Knock me over with a feather when he replied: "Goood!"

Smart little cookie. I better go rescue him from his cot (which probably looks like this by now). Guess there won't be any nap for him today. Sigh. He's growing up.

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Helen said...

Nono - Jonno - Jonathan?

He's just too cute. So precious when they start talking! My nearly 3 year old is not mispronnouncing as many words anymore...and a little part of me is quite sad that an elephant is no longer an "eye-tee-tunk" in his world.

Simoney said...

oooh! HELEN!! You clever girl :) Got it in one!

PaisleyJade said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Nonno = ????
help me I am stumped
so cute..loved the little language..brings me back!
happy weekend to you S
love and light

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

That is one impressive bedroom makeover in the last photo - he,he ;)

Jen said...

He has a nice smile and nice eyes :)

meg said...

Love the smushed up against the glass pic Simone!

Gail said...

I love their versions of words at this age. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Yep I guessed Jono. ;) Was thinking you might have to translate Milo if you haven't already!!

He's adorable. Even when he's emptied his cot. LOL!!

(I especially loved the squashed face!)

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