24 August 2010

Loving, NOT Loving... in My World

Loving the kids making their own lunchboxes

This is an idea hubby came back from skiing with; one of the other dads was bragging about how his boys make their own lunches (they make their own breakfasts and beds and mop the floor and clean the loo as well, but we'll start with the basics).

I thought, hey why didn't I think of this sooner?? (I'm always keen for a chance to get out of work teach them independance)

Miss Fab was keen from the start, offering to make Dash's peanut butter sandwiches. It was great fun putting the lunchboxes together with my eager-to-please daughter, but meanwhile that great big seven-year-old was learning nothing.

Today I finally put my foot down and made lazy Dash put his own box together which he did without too much reluctance when he realised that otherwise he would be going hungry. He even peanut-buttered his own corn thins.

Yes, you heard me - corn thins. These gluten free goodies are the new craze in our family. Even wheat-boy loves them. So, also loving Corn Thins.

Loving and NOT Loving Housework

I am of course NOT loving housework!!! But today, as the almost-spring sunshine streams in, I am loving the results of housework...

...dust bunnies no longer tumble-weeding down my hallway...

... fresh white bed linen on my made bed...

... Newly sorted kitchen drawers which I can actually open (and a bag full of total crap dumped in the rubbish)...

...Freshly ironed tea towels, stacked sweetly...

OOOH!! Did you hear that thump?

It was my mother-in-law falling backwards off her chair. YES WINNIE! I said Freshly ironed tea towels!! I have never ironed tea towels in my life. For some reason today I just felt like doing it. It was actually quite calming standing in the sunshine at my kitchen bench, smoothing down my (old raggy stained) teatowels and folding then neatly in a pile. I can't promise it will ever happen again, so don't get used to it. Winnie, come on, surely that deserves a comment???!!

Not Loving the Sock Monster

Seriously. I am missing so many pairs of boys' socks it's almost laughable. I managed to pair up five pairs of socks for Scrag and eight pairs of socks for Dash... but look at all these leftovers! Where do all these odd socks disappear to?? I would really like to know. Odd socks annoy the heck out of me!

Loving the transformation from Bubba to Big Boy

I think I am mostly finished with grieving over the growing-up-ness of my last ever baby. He is just too cute as a wannabe big-boy; it really does compensate for waving goodbye to the simplicity of the cot and the highchair.

If you ask my newest little big boy, "Are you a bubba??"... he will tell you, "Nooooo, noh a bubba, I'na BIK-BOY!"

He scurries willingly to jump into his Big-Boy-Bed at night-time. He sits proudly at the table eating his dinner, holding hands with Dash and Miss Fab when we give thanks for the food.

Once, when I asked, "Who wants to say thankyou Jesus for the food??" he shouted, "ME!!"

It was just too sweet. He bowed his head and mumbled unintelligible but deeply meaningful prayers quietly with his eyes closed as we sat there holding hands and our breaths. Finally he pronounced, "Aaaa-men!!" and looked up. The whole family broke into spontaneous applause and my little big boy sat grinning like the cheshire cat who ate the cream.

The only thing I am NOT loving about his sweet affectionate cuddly sweet-cheeked big-boyness is the loss of his afternoon sleeps. I am NOT loving my loss of me-time, blog-time. I have to steal it now, like a guilty thief. Right now he is watching a DVD. And the sun is shining outside. Oh I do NOT love the guilt.


... my lovely friend Justine, who left a get-well package on the doorstep, complete with Otravin nasal spray
... the way Otravin nasal spray works so well I didn't wake up with a birdcage mouth for the first time in weeks
... Justine's yummy homemade lemon-honey elixir
... that I have lemons growing on my tree and I can go make myself some more of that yummy elixir
... that Spring is right around the corner and surely then my cold will finally clear up???

What are YOU loving/NOT loving this week?

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed walking through this with you Simoney
love the kids making their own lunches...so good for them!

love and light

Widge said...

good on you getting the kids to make their own lunches....I want to let mine..I really do...just a bit too much of control freakish-ness is in me :) and my kids would probably just full their lunch boxes with biscuits and chippies. One time when I let my eldest pack his own he just took plain slices of bread!!!!
hope you get better soon XO

PaisleyJade said...

Relating with you on so many levels here... the head cold, babies growing up, missing socks... I did let my kids make their own lunches once, but they made such a mess and took ages so I kicked them out of the kitchen.

meg said...

I have drawer envy. No tea towel ironing here but they are folded by small people! I have to restrain myself from refolding them though sometimes. The 4yr old even mopped the kitchen floor and polished the table this morning... looks sparkly now.

Lyn said...

Meg I have drawer envy too. In fact you are almost inspiring me to tidy up my big utensils drawer which is a big tangled MESS and has been that way since forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the other blue pirate sock is at my house! And I think you guys have one of our stripy ones there! ;) The sock monster sure gets around doesn't he.

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Glad the lunch making is a hit! Impressed with the tea-towels (scary!). I've just done my 'Loving, Not Loving lately...' post and linked back to you (I reckon you could be onto another 'Mr Linky' here!). I shall let my gals know about the latest Kidsclick challenge - love the topic this week :) mmm...

Johnny said...

I'm loving that sunshine we had today. Yes it was very conducive to getting jobs done, but I've yet to iron tea towels! In fact I've not ironed anything for years. Hehe, you win.

Simony said...

In our house there's a Sock Monster living in the laundry! The socks not always come back to us in pairs... I really hate it!
Your kids are very beautiful! Don't you love the family life?

Amanda- The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Haha I totally agree with you about the housework!

I found your blog through Follow be Back Tuesday! Have a great day!

Angela said...

What a sweet post. x

Anonymous said...

I feel quiet dizzie,am I seeing things!!, my eyes must not be working, did i just see IRONED TEA TOWELS!!!!! is that Simone Graham my daughter-in- laws hand attached to an iron? no way, I must go and lie down for a few minutes to recover......... i am sure i will wake up and its all been a dream.xxx

kenneth said...

preparing snacks for my kids is one of our quality time. we enjoy doing it everyday. we are very hands on with our kids. im missing them already.

ella said...

i know this is an old post but what works for my family and our socks.... buy all the same type/colour... that way they ALWAYS match up as there are so many of the same :) love your blog by the way.

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