13 October 2010

Light Party


I love Light.

Nothing more fun than drawing with the stuff.

Painting pictures in the dark, whirling and twirling...

"This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine."

Celebrating all that is bright and beautiful
this October 30th...

With what else??? Another Party.
Fireworks, glow sticks
making & hanging tree lanterns
candles & sparklers
Sharing a BBQ, toasting marshmallows
relaxing with friends & neighbours.

Ignoring ghosts and goblins, witches and ghouls.
We'll be playing with Light.

It'll be so much fun.

{Click for my Homemade Tree Lanterns}

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Anonymous said...

your print is in the mail!

love and LIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! We are celebrating the newly dubbed 'Happyween' at the end of October - my kids make me laugh!

Dee said...

what a perfect idea!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

What a great idea. I always think about how to 'get around' the whole Halloween thing, ignoring requests to join in with trick-and-treat, and I'm guess it only gets trickier with each passing year as they get older.

Now I have my answer! A Light Party. I love it. A celebration of all that is good and pure :-)

Brigitte said...

LOVE the photos Simone! Cool idea re non-Halloween party X

alicia said...

How fun. Love your theme parties. When I'm in your neck of the woods I expect some kind of amazing bash! :)

Sophie said...

Mmm Amelie asked to have a Halloween party this year and to dress up in all the horrible outfits. I was a bit surprised. I said no and explained what it was all about and Carys said she didn't want to at all. I think its probably school influence which is not great. I am still thinking about whether we have an alternative party or not!

Matt5verse6 said...

Great pictures! Visiting from SITS. So nice to "meet" you. Best wishes.

Kindest regards,

Unknown said...

What beautiful photos! I am a fellow Baa tribe member and glad I found you!

Leonie said...

love the idea of a light party!!

Unknown said...

popping over from Donna aka froggi and 2 taking a fifth.

What an amazing idea! I LOVE it! A light party...how fun will this be when we are camping...I can barely wait!

Thanks for sharing...


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