06 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Man (with captions)

"Ohhhh the man! Look mummy the man!"

"Mummy the man tired. The man go nighnighs..."

"The man go my bigboy bed..."

"Shhhh! man go nighnighs..."

"Nighnight man. Nighnight."


Goshdarnit isn't my little guy so flippin adorable???
Eeeeeh I love him!

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Anonymous said...

love this stage that Scrag is in...so precious
I used to say to The Scientist, could you just say 2 forever?...could you just stay 4 forever?...could you just stay 5 forever?.... and so on ans so on and so on!

LIESL said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie!

Stylist A said...

oh how cute. Happy WW. Hope you will come join my linky again this week. :) Have a good one.

xo, Supermom Alysha

alicia said...

Yes, too flippin adorable for words. Love the sequence of events in the man's day. Happy WW!

Unknown said...

What a little caretaker! Is he like that with everything?

Widge said...

he's so gorge!! crusty boggers an all ;)

Lyns said...

Aha - he's a keeper!! xx

Typical Suburban Family said...

So cute!! Great photos!

Gail said...

Funny what they like to play with!! Haha.

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