19 October 2010

Loving, NOT Loving... Things People Places

Things are a little rough over here at Casa Mia. Mama's ears are magnifying all sound so she is a little on edge to say the least. Here's what's keeping me going (and making me hide) at my house...

Loving Barkers Wildberry Spread
This stuff is so good. It's tart. It's delicious. It tastes homemade. I can't get enough of Barkers Wildberry Spread on my toast (gluten free of course). And guess what? the kids hate it! Wahoo - more for me! Loving that.

Loving (and Appreciating) This Guy
He is my rock, truly. Ten years married to him next month, and boy am I glad. After all the ups and downs we've been through together I feel like singing Shania....


Loving that he did my Walking Bus duty this Morning...
I just can't face crowds. And Noise. Imagine being the walking bus tail trying to control a bunch of wrestling boys and giggling girls? I was in pain from just sound of the jug boiling and tap running this morning.

Hubby stepped in, thankfully and graciously did my duty for me. He even took the Scrag with him, and I was able to eat toast (with Barkers Wildberry Spread) and drink coffee in peace in my sunny window seat. Then feeling a little revived, I managed to tackle the dishes. And make my bed. And quickly cobble together a sandwich for my Hero. Thanks Babe. LOVING YOU and very very thankful for all your help xx.


Loving the Lido {and surviving crowds}
I nervously braved some crowds last night for hubby's work do: free movie tickets to Eat Pray Love. The mixing and mingling aspect terrified me but thoughts of seeing the movie won the day. My Hubby Hero guided me to a quiet corner of the pre-movie drinks Bar; I held his hand tight. We entered the cinema early; The Lido Epsom, a lovely place.

PhotobucketI love the Lido. It's a place for Grown Ups to go and watch movies. So elegant; Chandeliers and velvet, Rush Monroe's Icecream and a fireplace. Goodbye Multiplex teenagery cinemas. Hello refined elegance and sophisticated movie theatre dates from now on. I am sold on The Lido.

As for the Movie... Liked it, wouldn't say Loved it. But loved that I was OUT and our lovely babysitter put the noisy kids to bed for me. Love her too.

{Oh and can somebody tell me if that guy Julia hooks up with in the Movie is Denny out of Greys Anatomy or just his twin??}


Loving my new Outdoor Room a.k.a the Carport
I moved the oak daybed outside to under the carport. Visions of lazing in the shade under the grapevine seemed very appealing. I scrubbed the garage walls and hung up some colourful canvases, created by my offspring. Hubby was not sure, worried about cats pee on the cushions... "I spose we could store the cushions in the office at night..." he said reluctantly.


Reluctant only until he spent a Sunday afternoon laying on that daybed. Then he said, "BEST IDEA EVER!"
And I agree. It's the perfect place to take a book and a cuppa and watch your kids ramble in the garden while enjoying the sunshine. Or curling up with your sweet toddler and having a Nana Nap. I've done this a fair bit this last week. Lovely.

Loving This Friend
The kindhearted generous Meg. Who read my post and emailed, "Let's go walking, I hear exercise helps..."
PhotobucketHer company is always welcome. And relaxing. Although walking with a toddler isn't necessarily so. Loving as always the Oakley Creek Reserve right at the end of our street. And look at my cheesy grin. I'm Smiling.

{Loving this funny little guy too, even when he has a tanty and strips off in public...}


Of course it goes without saying that I am not loving noise. And stress. And sensitive ears. Going out in public or crowds.

But today I'm choosing to focus on what I am Loving and most of all what I am thankful for even when things are a little uncomfortable.

Friends. Family. A home I love.

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Sophie said...

Some good things to love there :) Hope you're curled up with a good book and resting,

Widge said...

Love it. Awesome. glad you have found some things to feel good :)
And I totally forgot to check out that place at the end of your street!!
Can I try that jam next I'm stayin?, sounds gooooooood xoxo

PaisleyJade said...

Loving all of those things - especially the daybed in the car port! What a cool idea.

I love it when the kids don't like my spread or cereal... I must get some of that stuff!

You are awesome Simone - praying for strength for you. xox

EcoMum said...

What a fab hubby you have Simone, a good man is something to be truly thankful for aye.
I'm loving your outdoor room too, such a cool idea and the kids artwork looks fab.
Take care xx

Gail said...

Arghh - I totally just typed out a huge comment on this midget keyboard and then it disappeared! Anyways the gist is that I'm glad you've got things to love even when you're in a crap place! And you had us noisy messy bunch over too in the midst of it! Yikes!
Lyns idea for the library cafe is a goodie, let's do that soon!xx

meg said...

Denny = http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0604747/
Other guy = http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000849/

almost twins :o)

Leonie said...

Glad to hear you are looking after yourself Simone,and being looked after too :)
your daybed in the carport looks great - what a great idea!!!
I saw Eat pray love too at a Chicks at the Flicks night and I also thought it was ok.. not great. The book was pretty soso too.
Take care and my prayers are with you too.

Tammy said...

Hope your ears are better soon! No fun! Looks like you made the best of it though despite your circumstances.

Loving the daybed outside. I want to build a sunroom so I can have the outdoors come inside! :)

Sammy said...

Oh Simoney, how sucky! On the good side, your daybed looks AMAZING! can't wait for the fireworks night- woohoo!

Sarah said...

Great to read and hear you taking some time to recharge with your wonderful hubbie stepping in to brave the walking bus (gah!). I absolutely love what you've done with the carport and hanging your children's artwork up is the perfect finishing touch. Well done for braving the flicks; that cinema sounds divine. We have a couple of little, 'olde world ones scattered in Wellington's suburbs which I always favour over the big, souless, mega cinemas. Take care and wishing you well soon x

Brigitte said...

Yay for a great friend and your wonderful husband who understand what you need during this time. Take care lovely lady xx

Simoney said...

Thanks again everybody... I am starting to get on top of things and even made it out in public today and was fine. Still a bit sensitive to noise so taking it easy BUT doing much better.xx

Jess said...

I love that something as simple as Jam can make the world a better place :) I heart barkers, especially their chutney on crackers with good old block cheese. Hope you're feeling a little better and that the lovely weather is helping? I know the sun always brightens my mood.

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