20 December 2010

Scene and Heard

SCENE: The kids end-of-year Christmas party starring Mr G as Santa. Scrag quivers with fear and clings to his mummy, refusing to go anywhere near The Bearded One.

HEARD: "Mummy Santa Claus got my daddy's shoes...!"
I could not believe my ears. From a distance Scrag spotted his daddy's shoes on Santa's feet and accused Santa of stealing them!

SCENE: Teacher thankyou gifts, last day of school. Look at our pretty boxes. Don't they look expensive?

Boxes: $2.50 each from 2Cheap. Decorative wooden tree Ornaments: $1 each from 2Cheap. Ribbon: recycled. Contents: Homemade Rocky Road & Peppermint Bark. The Smiles on their faces? Priceless.

HEARD: Actually read rather than heard. Dash made his long-suffering teacher a card with a collage angel inside. (Art is not his strong point but it's the thought that counts, right?) As an afterthought he wrote:

Tee Hee.

SCENE: The angel dressing room before the kids Christmas Production on Sunday.

Check out these cute black-faced sheepies... recognise anyone?

And these pretty angels. Aren't they sweet?

Look... it's my friend Gail over at Delightfully Diva-ish, putting it all on the line for the sake of the kids. *Smile*

HEARD: (Miss Fab) "Mum I found a proper hoolay..."
Me (slightly confused and picturing hawaiian angels in flower leis): "HUH? A what?"
Miss Fab: "You know mum, a hoolay. You know those things angels wear on their heads?"
Oh. She means a Halo. Tee Hee.

OVERHEARD: (Dash) "Grandma do you know what I want for Christmas? Just four things.... Some SillyBandz - two packs... some GoGos - two packs... to be with my family... and to not get growled..."

Oops. Looks like I've overdone it on the gift-buying again. He would have been happy with $20 bucks worth of the latest school fad gears and a whole lotta peace and love.

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Sammy said...

I loved cuddling Scrag on stage on Sunday! He's soooo cuddly as opposed to my boy who was OBSESSED by all the guitars! Hmmm have I spelt obsessed right? Think so...

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised Simoney, as if that Santa wasn't scary enough without adding cleptomania to the list. He's supposed to be all giving!


Simoney said...

er yeah, I guess santa does look kinda scary!

Weza said...

Ha when we were kids my dad dressed up as santa for a christmas party thing. My sister recognised his watch and had the same reaction. FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

love the Scrag!!!
so good
gorgeous angels
and yes I recognize that other beautiful critter!

love and light Simoney

Anonymous said...

Still here, still reading!
What beautiful angels... (and Gail, ewe look great too) x

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