02 March 2011

Singing in the Storm

I'm beginning this post unclear how it will be.
All I know is that I want to write.
Write about the good.
Write about the blessings.
Write what I am thankful for as medicine for my soul.

This is my way of Singing in the Storm.
The storm that is beating down on the shores of our little family.
Oh there is wind whipping up a frenzy.
There are tears lashing down like rain.
Waves of emotion pound and crash.
But like that Sunday School song: the house on the Rock will stand firm.

The Rock of our faith that all things work together for Good, to those who trust in God.
That something better can come out of something painful.
That nothing is wasted, no trouble, no struggle.
What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger.
That He hears our prayers, and catches our tears.

We lack wisdom. We lack strength.
Sometimes the storm threatens to overwhelm us.
I stand at the kitchen bench, hands hanging limply, no strength in my legs.
"God this is too hard," I wail.
Tears leak a little, but I can't give in to the hopelessness.
I have a promise and I'm clinging to it.
It's pinned to my bedroom wall:

"All your children will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children's Peace."

All your children.
And GREAT will be their PEACE.

That's my promise. I'm hanging on to it for grim life.
I know this probably sounds strange to you, if you don't share my faith.
But this is real to me.

I have had so many other promises fulfilled, which had been dropped into my heart from Heaven in years gone by.
I have lived my life clinging to these promises and I have not been disappointed.
I have seen miracles.
I have seen prayers answered, in my life and the lives of others.
I have seen "the dregs of society" become leaders in their community as they put their trust in Jesus.
Babies being held in the arms of barren women.
Doctors reports that defy medical predictions.
Relationships, reconciled.

A dream to help others resulting in the largest programme of its kind in our country.
A shy girl given confidence to lead.
A fearful girl tackling the worst of the worst, that others with more skill and training had given up on.
I have lived on $50 a week - and had all my needs met.

Yes, I've known plenty of dark days, I've cried plenty of tears and had struggles... but look!
Look at me!
I am the shy girl, the fearful girl.
The girl who thought I was nobody.
And here I am.
Getting my stories published in a magazine.

The promises are not a figment of my imagination.
They are my anchor and my hope.
The Rock on which we build our house, the promises of God which do not fail us.
Believe it... or not.
But I do.

And because of that I am here, in the storm,
singing the best way I know how.
Because All my children will be taught by the Lord (know Him, encounter Him)
And GREAT will be their PEACE.
{And mine too.}


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Anonymous said...

Oh Simone, hard to know what to say except you and your family are in my prayers. And not just in an 'oh, I'll pray for you' kind of way -you're getting some serious airtime in our house at the moment!
We had a full-on cyclone event in June last year, my daughter Lauren was having serious neurological issues - I spent plenty of time at the kitchen bench with dangling arms too! Today (inexplicably) she is perfectly fine. And even if we had the power to skip that part of our lives - we learnt too much, we grew too much, there's no way we would. We've seen an awesome God in action, and we live every day with a miracle. As do you. You've got what it takes to get through xx

Kathy Monk said...

Keep singing friend...remember when we used to sing together? years ago lol!! so as you keep singing, I'm singing with you - in prayer and support xoxo

Amy said...

Nodding as I read this. May endurance be yours, claimed in gentle joy. I wish today we could meet for coffee in the Library cafe like we used to - and that I could say the words that remind you that you are not alone. From the other side of the world I pray strength into those legs today. xxx

Sophie said...

Beautiful expressive paintings, beautiful promises to hold on to in the dark storm. Love to you Simoney. I'll be thinking of you and when I'm thinking of you, I'll be praying too for that great peace.

Elizabeth said...


Love your paintings!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Oh the promises! Hold onto them gorgeous girl. No matter how bad things might seem right now, never let go. You've seen so many wonderful promises fulfilled that you CAN believe that this is another opportunity for God to come through for you all. Sorrow lasts for a night but joy comes in the morning. Keep claiming that Wonderful promise on your wall hon xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful,inspiring and yes, those promises will be fulfilled and you know you'll be all the stronger when they are achieved through the journey you are on. x

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

I believe it, too.
I do; I do.

Beautifully painted -- with the words and the brushes.

Gail said...

Psalm 56:8
You've kept track of my every toss and turn
through the sleepless nights,
Each tear entered in your ledger,
each ache written in your book.

Hey, praying for you hun and your awesome family. Know that God has a plan in this.... even in the storms!

Anonymous said...


love and light

CraftyMummy said...


Laura said...

listening to Matthew Kelly just this morning saying...

"it is not IF the storm comes...it is WHEN the storm comes. Because we all have storms."

And so we need strong roots. We need strong roots, to be the strong tree, that even if the whipping winds, and beating down rain, still stands tall. Stands strong."

Thank God of our faith. In Him we build our roots. Could you imagine weathering this without Him?

love you

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