10 June 2011

Lovingly Grateful for Fridays

Thank God its Friday.
Really. I mean it. I am thanking Him.
Grateful that the week has raced by.
Grateful that today is my favourite day of the week.
I love the anticipation of the weekend. The slower pace. The time together.
On Friday its all still to come.

I feel most blessed to be sitting here cosy in my dressing gown
on this miserable rainy Friday morning.

Daddy has taken the morning off, taken the kids off to school, taken Scrag off to the gym creche and then for coffee. They get to play, get fit and bond while I get... peace and quiet. *sigh*

So you bet I am grateful. And loving Friday.

I'm also grateful that this lad finally put his raincoat on.
That he has made leaps and bounds from a few months ago when we were struggling with him.
That he is happier, more contented, laughing more.
Well I mean - you saw him on my vlog, didn't you?
You didn't? OK here it is again.
But be warned - my kids are nuts.

{PS I actually loved doing my very first vlog. Gail has started a vlog linky here...}

Loving watching Dash do lots of this every Saturday...
He's amazing. Really. I'm not just saying that.
He is one very talented footballer.
And its his passion. We don't push him at all. Plus its something he can enjoy doing with his dad.
So thrilling to watch him racing down the pitch dodging players, chipping the ball, shooting, scoring.
He's wonderful to watch.

As are these two. The sideline supporters. Mostly uncomplaining about spending every Saturday morning cheering for their big brother. And I am grateful for the friendship they have with each other. Its a special thing. A motherly big sister, a scraggy little brother. Best buddies. *sigh*

Counting my blessings and they are mounting up...

Loving this girl.
And reminding myself that being the middle child is hard, even if you are the only Princess.

Putting up my heart-shield when she gets prickly with me; realising she just needs to know she's special.
Trying not to get too cross that she didn't like the clothes I bought for her the other day at the Mall. Remembering the bad old days of the Wardrobe Wars and thankful that for the most part this was just a border skirmish. Looking forward to taking her shopping after school to return the clothes I picked *sigh* and help her choose some more to her taste... Daughters aye?? Gotta luv 'em.

Loving our newest cozy spot.
Remember this...?

The previously upcycled garden seat has been moved to the front porch and cosied up for winter reading in the sun.

A lovely sunny sheltered spot with all day sun.
The perfect place to read, snuggle, drink tea... and check for cooties...!?!?!?!
As I sat here with Scrag on my lap, reading in the gentle winter sunshine, I saw something move in his hair.
The bloodsucking parasites have returned... arrrggghhh!! I'll skip sharing with you the rest of the ordeal but let me just say that nit-combing a screaming three year old is a two-man job. Thankfully the rest of the family seem to have escaped, but from now on we are nit-combing morning and night. Ugh. I hate those little buggers. Definitely NOT loving nits.

Soooo... here I am, cosy inside on this wet winters day, at peace with the universe, enjoying some me-time. My bed is made (a miracle); a load of washing is on (another miracle); I vacuumed yesterday (miracle) so now I can refill my cup of tea and get down to some guilt-free blog reading.

What are you loving/grateful for this week?

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Laura said...

I am LOVING your kids!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
and your SWEET voice!


leanne can blog said...

I love Fridays too.
And your cosy garden seat looks snug. Perfect for winter.

Jules said...

That cosy reading spot looks ideal!

I too have vacuumed and got a load of washing on, how good does it feel?! Oh better go make the bed, thanks for reminding me! ;o)

Love your wonderful blog, am lacking motivation with my own at the mo but enjoying reading everyone else's!


Leonie said...

awesome Simone!! lOVE all of it..esp the hubby taking the kids to school in the rain :)
that seat looks like the perfect spot to chill!!!

Renee said...

How fabulous does your Friday sound!!!

Friday is also my fav day - I love the feeling of two whole days with my husband home for family time and also Friday is rubbish day so our rubbish bins outside the back door are taken to the roadside (by hubby of course).

Totally jealous of that cosy spot. Our entire house could be described as cosy (as in tiny) so no room for cosy spots like that for us just yet!!!

Not looking forward to when my daughters get to that stage where the clothes I pick are all wrong...I have a sneaking suspicion my eldest will be VERY opinionated about that. She already is about what she wears each day so if that's a sign of things to come I'm scared!

tartankiwi said...

Sounds like you're having my kind of day! Enjoy your guilt free blog reading... I'm off to hoover now... honest ;-)

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful pics again!!! Friday's are our busiest day of the week - but I do love them too. What an awesome guy letting you have a free morning off!

I heard that hair straighteners are great for killing nits!

Rebecca said...

Good stuff! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, you're so encouraging ya know! Have a fab weekend xox

Jen said...

bless your hubby

ha!!!!!!!! peace and quiet hope you enjoyed it :)

you have a lovely family :)

what a lovely cozy front porch spot you have created:)

Alison said...

I know exactly what you mean about Fridays - about the promise of what's to come. Sometimes, I love Fridays more than the actual weekend :)

Your kids are awesome. And that bench? Oh so beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

remaliah said...

I did it!!! Hope my linking up works :)

Loving your loving day!! Sounds like a very cosy rainy day there! Hope you and Miss Fab found some preferred clothing :) Your bright, talented, kids are fun!! Have a great weekend :)

The Woven Moments said...

I covet your porch seat. Seriously.

Dee said...

loving him for fridays too! that little man of yours is actually just too cute. that new nook is AWESOME!

Widge said...

Full of awesome lovin. Love that the boy is happier!!! We have been having a really good stage with ours too lately aaaaahh exhale;)
Have a fab weekend gorgeous family

Gail said...

what an AWESOME idea for that bench! Nice one. And yes, I have a shopping trip coming up with an opiniated pre-tween.

Mrs M said...

Nice vlog, made my kids laugh too. the simple things for young minds. lol.
also love the bench seat. I'd spend plenty of time sitting on that one.

Kellie said...

Hehe!! Got a giggle out of the vlog. That's classic! Loving that couch too. Looks like a perfect set up. So much to be grateful for and to love. You are truly blessed!! :)
PS. Your photos are just gorgeous!

Hootnz said...

Ahhh bliss, peace and quiet amongst the craziness. Love your vlog, my kids all crowded around to see what the noise was all about... can so relate to that....good reminder that I am not the only one! :)

Lauren said...

I'm grateful to find your blog! Your kids are great! So happy! Wonderful to find you in blog land!

Anonymous said...

I love the new location of the bench in your front porch, looks fantastic. Granny Winnie xxx

Anonymous said...

That vlog is just hilarious. who's in control? Looks like a moment in my house. Thank you for making my house seem normal.


Lyns said...

How did i miss this post? It made me SMILE a whole heap. Lovin it all xx

Cat said...

Grateful for so much this week!
Grateful for awesome bloggers (Christchurch bloggers hosted me for an amazing long weekend)
Grateful for Air NZ flying me out of Christchurch when Jet Star wouldn't (who cares about the cost when I landed in Auckland 4 hours before the big quake of Monday)
Grateful for a warm safe home on solid ground, when so many of the blogging Mummies I had been with only hours earlier can't say the same.

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