04 June 2011

To Young Me from Old Me...

I can think of so many things I would tell my twenty-something self.
Have more fun! Stop being so serious! Live a little! Enjoy your flat stomach and wear a bikini while you can!
You know, that sort of thing.

But my lovely friend Lyns has put an interesting twist on the whole idea with her very first linky.
She asks the question: What would your 85-Year-Old Self say to your Today-Self?
Imagine. Pretend you are 85 and look at your life from that lofty height.
And give yourself some advice.

So I am taking up the challenge, and writing a letter to myself. From My Old Self.
Here goes...


Dear Young Me...
Now I know what you're thinking: you're not young, you're middle aged. Well I beg to differ. From my perspective you are YOUNG. 41? A Spring Chicken. So there.

First off I really do wish you would get up off your ass. Seriously that would make my life here in Old Age so much better.
Walk a little. Stroll the neighbourhood, take in the scenery.
You'll be glad you did, trust me. Or should I say, I'll be glad you did.

Nothing worse than arthritic joints. So quit spending all day sitting on your chuff and get moving, girl!

Right. Next.
About those kids.
I know that right now things are a bit rough. But it will pass all too fast. Right now where I am those babies are 52, 50 and 47. Their childhood years flew by so fast.
And you are spending far too much of it worrying about them.
They turn out fine!
And you were right about the girl. She was the one who fought for the sunny room in the Rest Home for us after all. A spunky one, she is. That feisty streak has stood her in good stead. She's a credit to you.
And those boys, they sure do love their mama.
I won't tell you how it all turns out cos some things should be a surprise, but they are FINE.
And the little one? Don't worry - he was out of pull-ups by the time he went to school. So don't you scold that sweet baby. Just give those sweet cheeks a moochy kiss for me every chance you get.

Well dearie, I think that about does it. Just in general you need to relax. Stop worrying about what other people think. They don't think about you half as much as you think they do.
Just get on with it.
Oh and that "blog" of yours? Stop comparing.
Just do what you do and do it well.
Those "comments" and "followers" you hanker after? Where do you think they are forty-odd years on?
Girl the web is old news! Aint no blogs where I sit.
Just write what's in your heart and leave the rest up to God.
And turn that darn thing off once in a while and go play with those babies. Go. Now. Bake them some cookies and kiss those cheeks for me would ya?

Love from
Old Me.

P.S. Young Me, you'll be glad to know all that reading to those kids paid off. They grew up loving books so they read them to their kids. Now their kids are such great readers it puts them in a whole other league. Not many readers these days with all this speed-of-light-travel and brain implants. Readers are a rare and special breed. The Elite. So keep up those Book Snuggles.


Well! Seems Old Me is a quite a feisty old stick. I think I like her.
She had some good advice too. I guess she knows!

Right. I'm off to kiss some cheeks and bake some cookies.
Right after I link up with Lyns over at Once Upon A Time...
Seriously. You should join in. That was FUN!

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meg said...


Widge said...

Love it. My old girl told me much of the same things ;)

Leonie said...

love it!!

Ms. Kate said...

Great read Simoney. I think this is going to make the crux of my next post. Still loving reading your blog <3

Sophie said...

Love it Simoney :)

Alison said...

This is a lovely idea, really. Love it. It really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? xo

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wunderbar...! Your old self is very wise you know :-)

Cat said...

Goodness me you're all making me cry with these lovely letters to your young selves xxx
Beautiful xxx
ps: I think I have a daughter with spunk similar to yours LOL we call her Tsunami

Lyns said...

Lovely Simone. Knew older Simone would be a feisty gal!! She bought a tear to my eye.
Hope you enjoyed it xx

Toru said...

bought a few tears to my eyes reading this. thanks:)

Jamie Swan said...

So true! How creative to stand in your future's shoes! Lovely reading for a miserable Saturday afternoon.

Dee said...

SO so good. I love it! Wise old you. :)

Carey Morris said...

What a great way to put things into perspective. A great idea!

PaisleyJade said...

hehehe - love your spunk!

Anonymous said...

oh I like you!
both now and later
your old you forgot to tell you that you have friends for life...some came and went....but others stayed till the end...♥
way more important than "comments" or "followers"
and how woudl I know this?
my old self told me to tell you! ; )

love and light

Simoney said...

OK, now Cat's comment made me cry! YES the FRIENDSHIPS I am making here are worth FAR MORE than "followers" or "Comment" (much as I love them). Wow, thanks Cat! Gladto know I'll have you round til I'm old and crusty - and look forward to showing you New Zealand some day :)

Renee said...

Hahahaha this is fantastic!!! If only I could chat to the 80 year old me, I'm sure my life would be a whole lot less worrisome if I could. I'm pretty sure sometimes she'd want to give me a slap over the face too! Love that pic - FAB!

Go kiss those cheeks - I'm off to do the same :-) xx

Jen said...

that photo of the 80 year old wow!!
how did you do that???

one of my motivations for the walking I do now is my hope that I will be an active older person
Id like to thank the 80 year old for telling me it will help

shes right about your youngest being out of pull ups too
have I told you how I potty trained my youngest

no blogs :(
what do they have??

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