12 July 2011

Waving Hello from the Depths of Mummyland

You thought I had gone AWOL didn't you?
Were you wondering what earth shattering event had kept me and my beloved {computer} apart...?
Had there been an actual Tsunami (not just a warning)...?
Did the tornado actually hit Mt Albert not just Waikanae...?
Is Auckland experiencing further aftershocks (after our 4.2 jolt the other week)...?

No no no.
Nothing like that.
The house is still standing, the roof is not leaking, the electricity is still flowing through those power lines I keep photographing.

But my little Scrag has been poorly and I have been focused on Mummying full-time.
You know, instead of the part-time job I seem to do when I am blogging too much.
I have to be like Troy on HSM and Keep My Head in the Game.

Actually I've been enjoying my computer-free days and nights.
Although I have missed you all. And I'm sure I've missed some great posts by you all, and I'm sure you've missed my thoughtful-but-witty comments.

Its just that when your sweet-cheeked boy has a raging temperature and a hacking cough there's nowhere else you want to be but sitting in the armchair stroking his fevered brow and watching Hi-5 (the originals not those sad replacement newbies).

Don't worry, Scrag is much perkier now.
Although I did have to get up at 2am and administer Pamol, stroke that fevered brow and do my best to nuggle him back to sleep as he hacked and coughed.

This morning the Pamol is still on board. He's playing trains and singing, but I don't trust it.
Not enough to send him to kindy after that 2am vigil, so here I am sneaking half an hour out of what is usually my one-kid-free-day to wave out to you all, my bloggy friends.

Usually this is my golden blog-time.
Instead you get this hurried message from the depths of mummy-land.

I'm sure Scrag is well on the mend and my Hi-5 watching days are nearly over.
I'm sure he will be right-as-rain by tomorrow in time for our Bloggy tea party, and those germs will be well gone, so don't worry.
I look forward to seeing you then.

{What I've been watching while you've been blogging without me}

{The original Hi-5 ROCK... and they bring back so many memories of little Dash and wee Miss Fab; our DVDs are as old as they are...}

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jacksta said...

aw cyber hugs for Scrag...and a 24/7 mumma

Renee said...

Oh bless - he's super cute even if he's feeling like a big sicky. Hope he's back to his cheerful self soon.

I'm totally with you on Hi-5 - have they changed them about 3 times now?! "IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME" I scream!!! Surely they can't have lives to live? Surely they don't want their careers to go any further than dressing in fluro lycra and dancing to kids songs? I mean COME ON!

We've got ballet at 10 tomorrow so as long as that doesn't drag ooooooon we'll still be there - perhaps just a little late :-) Super mummy (NOT) here totally thought it was the last week LAST WEEK but I had it all completely wrong. Whoops! Sorry!

PaisleyJade said...

Here here to the old Hi5! Those new guys aren't even watched in our household! haha

Did miss you being around and was starting to wonder where you were! I've been nursing my sick hubby too - although thankfully he takes a wee bit less attention than a sick child... just a wee bit less mind you!

Have fun tomorrow!!

dearfutureme... said...

Thanks for the update about your sweet poor wee Scrag. Ive had a sicky in my house too - man-flu is the pits (for the wife). :-)

The South African Kiwis said...

I hear ya! Coughs and temperatures abound in my home too...

Jen said...

High 5 rock!!

poor wee boy
He looks like I feel

I too am hacking and coughing the nights away
been to the doctor today so I too should be feeling better real soon too

Cat said...

I PROMISE it gets better xx we were in isolation last week due to fevers yucky eyes and rashes - which turned out NOT to be measles but a mutant virus form .. .. .. see you tomorrow (must go bake cupcakes now)

Anonymous said...

HI friend!
glad to see you have been getting in some quality telly while you have been away!!!!
oh those happy happy kids

love and light

ps hope the Scrag is back on track soon!

Alison said...

Oh poor Scrag! With your mummying, he'll be back to 100% in no time.

Unplugging does the soul a world of good anyway. :)

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Tis the season for these bugs right now...uuuurgh. Chest and ear infections down this way too. But knowing the lovely Scrag he will bounce back super quick...have a fab, fun time tomorrow (very jelly I am) and hope the weather is kinder than it has been lately!

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