28 November 2011

Excuses Excuses

Simoney regrets her absence of late and wishes to make the following excuses for her blog-absence...

  • She has been working from morning til night on another fab fun party {all will be revealed shortly} 
  • She has been trying to be a "good mother" and only blog when kids are absent {the kids have not been absent lately}
  • She has been afflicted with the mother of all headaches for the past four days {the last thing she's felt like doing is sitting at the computer}
  • She has been fighting off the dust bunnies who planned to take over the house {thankfully their plan was foiled at the last minute, in spite of the mother of all headaches}
  • The cat ate her blog post

If none of the above excuses suffice, she begs for your understanding. 

She realises that it is poor form/bad blog technique to write a post which is simply making excuses for not blogging, but beggars can't be choosers and today it was this pathetic excuse for an excuse-post or wait another day til Scrag is in kindy and we have some blog-time to write up a proper post.

Simoney promises to be back soon with...
  • A new party post: "Boy vs Wild" {woop woop}
  • Mrs Readalot's Recommended Reads for Christmas {gift ideas + linky}
  • A Wee Odyssey
  • A new Christmas linky for 2011
  • and other cool stuff you know you wanna read

In the meantime, we thank you for your kindness, loyalty and understanding, as Simoney heads back to the couch with a cold compress on her pounding head...

See you soon. Tomorrow, even. Promise.


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1 comment:

Lyns said...

Excuses accepted x

ps. hope the party was a success. Oh and really hope the headaches go away!!!!!

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