11 November 2011

Loving Eyes Wide Open

{Self Portrait by Miss Fab}

A while back a blogging friend set a challenge for us to walk around with our eyes wide open. What do we see when we take the time to really notice things?
Its amazing what is right in front of us that we sometimes don't see until we go around with our eyes open.
This week I've been looking for things to be thankful for, so my eyes have been open to the good.
In the process I've spotted plenty of blessings, small and large. All of them worth a mention.
Here are just a few...

This morning I saw my children helping each other.
Big brother thought it was little sister's athletics day. He wanted to help her pick out suitable clothes to make sure she could run her fastest. He suggested shorts {instead of the frou frou skirt} and offered his very own football training top for her to borrow. Amazingly she agreed to wear a "Boy Top". She seemed pleased he wanted to help her.

He checked she had the right shoes, hat and drink bottle.
It did my heart good to see them working as a team.
Any parent with kids old enough to argue talk will know what I mean when I say how thankful I am for those glimpses of genuine caring between siblings.

So of course I grabbed the camera...

I snapped this shot of my two big kids, a team. Love seeing them love each other.

This afternoon I saw some dust balls and wondered whether they really could be made into a bunny.

What do you think? Add some ears, a dust-ball body...
Reckon they'd sell?
I seem to have plenty of raw material rolling down my hallway...
{Love how much it looks like an actual bunny}

Yesterday morning I took a drive to the top of Mt Albert.
I parked the car and then I did something radical.
I got out.
I went for a walk, trainers, water bottle, ipod, everything.
Oh wait. The ipod isn't charged dammit. Who did that?
Never mind, now I can hear the birds...

Wow. The view up here is breathtaking. My city is spread out at my feet like a carpet. Far off I can hear the sounds of the city, but on the mountain, the loudest sounds are the birdcalls.
I spot flowers that used to grow in my Nana's garden; I think fondly of Nana...

{Dash and daddy up Mt Albert, with Baby Fab, 2004}

I walk past the football pitch where Dash and daddy used to play when Miss Fab was just a baby.
Now he has cricket practise on the very same pitch. The baby days are all behind us.
They are growing up so fast.

Today I did it again. This time with the ipod charged.
I notice wildflowers of all kinds, scudding clouds, Nana's flowers, Dash's field.
Walking up Mt Albert is my new Morning Thing {once the kids are dropped off}.
I love it up there, the peace, the music, the view.
Even in drizzle it was refreshingly good for my soul.

I am going to trick myself into enjoying exercise. You see if I don't.
And I will also take my camera next time, bring you back some vistas.


I'll finish with this clip I made, in case you didn't see it before.
Its for you, my bloggy friends. the ones who send kind words of encouragement, who are more than just "follower numbers"  "stats" or "comments". You are Friends, soul sisters and much-loved.

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Sarah Lee said...

Such a beautiful read to start my 11.11.11! Lying in bed with Alice, laughing at your dust bunny!

remaliah said...

Aw, sweet big brother! Love the dust bunny! And the walk up Mt Albert with the birdsongs...sounds like a perfect soul-refreshment :)

jacksta said...

Way to go getting out there with the exercise. Something about the sunny weather helps bring a bit of motivation along

Rebecca said...

Yeah! I always enjoy it too once I'm out there in the fresh air walking...lots of pretty things to see at this time of year! That's awesome, keep making it enjoyable :)

KRISTYN said...

What a great way to spend the morning. Argh, hate an unexpectedly flat iPod! Although I was inspired by an article written by my uncle www.livehappytogether.com.au/blog-view/pings-rings-and-voices-11 - and am now trying to break the habit of relying on the iPod and just enjoy nature's playlist instead.

Jen said...

bless your kids

wtg u!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ms. Kate said...

ADORE the bunny <3

Cat said...


love and light

Deb @ home life simplified said...

fabulous grateful post - i need to slow down and take it all in. Love when the kids look our for each other!

Your dust bunny gave me a great laugh this Saturday morning so thanks!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Great dust bunny!
Good on you for getting out and still walking even though your iPod wasn't charged...listening to the birds would have been amazing.

PaisleyJade said...

Loving the sibling love and cracking up at the dust bunny! It even has a tooth! Yay for exercise - something that's slipped off my schedule lately.

Gail said...

I love the top of Mt A!! I used to run there everyday after school - you know, just for fun! (back in the day when I was the energizer bunny!) Love your gorgeous big kids. Can't wait to hang! xx

Jess said...

What a special time when you see your kids working together.

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