10 November 2011

Thankyou, Friend

I carried your words with me today
Literally, I carried them in my pocket
The card you sent found its way to my mailbox
and the words you wrote found their way to my heart
You said, Don't fear the Black Dog when he barks
He has no teeth

The Barking Black Dog has no teeth
And he can't take Even One Thing away from you

You wrote it, you sent it
I read it
and I felt the words hit home

Its true, I thought as tears welled up
The Black Dog really does have no teeth
Just a bark to make me run frightened

But now that your words have turned the light on
I will remember next time he chases me
He has no teeth

Thank you
for sending your words and your love
across the sea
You are a true friend

Though we have never met
One day we will
And when we do we will hug and we will laugh
The tears and words will flow like wine
I want to sit with you in my window seat
Or tell stories in your garden
There will be a photo of us together

And I will tell you in person,
Your words spoke life to me
I now wear them on my heart like a shield
And when the Black Dog barks
I remind myself that he is toothless
and he can't take Even One Little Thing
away from me

Thank you
for reminding me of truth today
my friend

This poem is dedicated to my lovely Canadian friend Cat, who sent me a birthday card yesterday full of encouraging words which spoke life and brought truth to me. I love that although we have never met, we can truly be friends through this wonderful medium of Blogging... and we both hope that one day we will get to met face to face.

A Note About The Black Dog: This is my name for Clinical Depression which has chased and hounded me for the past ten years, something I sometimes write about here on my blog. I hope that through sharing and bringing understanding we can help get rid of the ugly stigma that hurts and alienates people who are suffering with some form of mental illness. For my posts about Depression go here

The following clip is dedicated to all my friends, both in BlogLand and in Real Life, who encourage me, challenge me and most of all, share the Journey. I am grateful for you all.
{Seriously, you should watch it - you might be in it}

Written for Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writers Workshop, Writing Prompt #4.) Write a poem where the last two words are 'my friend' which inspired me to express my thanks to my friend via a poem. So while I'm at it I'm gonna link up to Shell's linky, since i really am pouring out my heart too. And since this post is also full of GRATITUDE I am also going to link to Maxabella's Grateful Linky. I am a linky hog today.

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Leonie said...
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Leonie said...

awesome card and reminder Simone!

Leonie said...

and THEN I watch the video... and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Missing you so much my friend... and all the other lovely Kiwi blogger gals... dreadfully homesick.

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful card and one very misty eyed girl right here!!!

Cat said...

those words came from Him, through me, to you
I am blessed to give them and even more blessed that you received them...
I am deeply moved...moved to tears by this post Simoney...I am moved beyond words
thank you
you are one amazing lady!
Happy "early" Birthday

love and light

Miriam said...

A beautiful post Simone. You are truly a girl with words (and you should probably be doing toothpaste commercials with your amazing smile). I love your ability to draw people together!

Rebecca said...

Well said Miriam, I agree~ your words, smile, and ability to gather people together is totally stunning Simone!! xox

Cat said...

What a lovely timely post xxx
Hugs and Happy (early??) Birthday to you
What an absolute darling Cat is!

Bloomin black dog has been barking at my door lately - it sucks - my deepest and sincerest understanding xxx

meg said...

Lovely Simone. Yes we must meet up soon! I will call you and make a time. I find it much easier than bookface or email. x

Stasha said...

My mom suffered from clinical depression all her adulthood. I am in owe with how you live with it with such courage and acceptance. You have lovely friends too.
Celebrate and be merry, everyday and on your B'day xo

remaliah said...

This is such a beautiful post, Simone. The video and song is very precious. I'm really thankful for your lovely friend's words, and that they came through her from Him - absolute truth. xx

Widge said...


I'm in the process of forgiving you for the no make up close up BTW !

Sophie said...

Beautiful Simoney. Lovely precious words from Cat too. Love to you and happy happy upcoming birthday :)

Karen and Gerard said...

What a cool poem--all the way through I'm trying to figure out what the black dog is. I appreciate your explanation at the end!

Stopping by from writers workshop.

Arnebya said...

The beauty of friends. I loved reading this and honestly, "I am screaming but there’s no sound. No one hears, no one sees.
I am trapped inside my head" is probably one of the absolute most poignant, specific and "OMG, that's it!" descriptions for depression (and how I feel way too often) that I've ever read. Thank you.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

WoW! I was so moved by this...the Black Dog doesn't bit! What great words from someone you have never even met...amazing...the world of blogging!

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Lyns said...

So sweet...xx
and Yes Cat always has the right words

Jenn and Casey said...

This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post!!! It is lovely to find such a connection to so many other women who are suffering with this horrible affliction. I'll have to remember the black dog analogy. That's brilliant! See you again at Mama Kat's next week, ok?

Jess said...

Such a fabulous heartfelt post. Love it.

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