16 November 2011

WW: While You Were Sleeping

This girl has been poorly. We are on Day Two of the vomits. I suspect its an over-indulgence in Gluten.

Since our UK trip we have slackened right off. It was just too hard, while travelling, and she's been resistant to gluten free food, plus she seemed OK. But it takes time to build up in her system doesn't it? We should know by now that if Miss Fab has too much "gloot" {as Dash calls it} then we pay the piper.

It has happened before, but I guess we didn't learn. This time, she swears, "No more gluten for me again, ever!" In the meantime we keep the bucket close and she lays on the couch and we wait for it to pass, so we can get back to doing all the things that need to be done, going all the places that need to be gone.

Yesterday she wouldn't let me out of her sight, so we sat together and watched movies, until finally she slept.

While she was sleeping, I got busy and upcycled my wooden chest...

From uninteresting yellow pine...

...to fresh white tongue-and-groove glory.

I love white-painted-wood {now I just have to convince my husband to let me loose on the kitchen...}

In the meantime, my newly-decorated pretty white chest is a very handy resting place for the puke-bucket.


{P.S. What I want to do to my kitchen, just for starters...}

and then, she {snapped}

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jacksta said...

love the chest! Great upcycling.
Poor miss Fab :(

Jess said...

Hope Miss Fab is feeling better soon.
Love the white chest! Very funky and fresh.

Widge said...

Love that chest repainted WOW!
poor miss fab :(
cracking up that you title this a wordless wed post ;)

Jen said...

oh your poor daughter
hope she feels better soon

LOVE your chest

PaisleyJade said...

Poor thing! Beautiful pics and love the upcycled trunk!

Tricia said...

Poor little thing! I hope she feels better soon! love the white chest!

The South African Kiwis said...

Gorgeous chest - and beautiful Miss Fab, sorry that she's feeling so yuck!

Cat said...

: (
hope she is back to it soon!
love the chest Simoney
what is it you want to do in the kitchen???? take some pics and show us!

love and light

Leonie said...

Oh poor Miss Fab, can relate! poor Miss K has been really unwell again with her tummy and passed out at school yesterday. She is keeping away from Gluten for good now.

Love the revamp of the chest, looks great!

Anonymous said...

Poor pickle, I am sorry she is feeling so crummy. That stinks. Hopefully she will be back to normal soon. you did a great job on your chest btw!


EMily said...

Hope she feels better soon, I have a good friend who has that intolerance, and that is no fun...love the paint job on that chest!

Brigitte said...

Well even when she's sick she's BEAUTIFUL!!
LOVE the painted chest, very fresh and lovely xx

Heather said...

So glad I found your blog. Your daughter is so cute...even sick :(
I just discovered I am gluten sensitive. Luckily i don't vomit. Poor girl. Its hard to resist the gluten.


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