22 January 2011

House Dreaming (and doing)

We have lived in our lovely 1920's house for four years now and apart from splashing a bit of paint here and there, it's largely untouched from when we moved in.

It's about now that I start getting twitchy, wanting to change things up.
I have big plans, big dreams for the house.

Repaint the lounge a restful shade of green. Or duck-egg blue.
Save up the money I get paid for writing articles and buy a new lounge suite from Early Settler. I'm lusting after this one I spotted a few months back...

It was so cosy and comfy. And Pretty.
But not cheap. It will take me about fifteen published articles to get the whole suite. Could take a while. Hmmmm. Maybe I should sell some paintings as well.
{Anyone in the market for a seascape??}

That's just for starters.
I also want to build two new bedrooms upstairs for the boys and renovate the bathroom.

Knock Scrag's room and Dash's pipsqueak closet bedroom together. Extend the deck and add a verandah. Put bifold doors around two sides giving us a massive summer lounge/family room, great for parties all year round.


Painted Reality.

And the kitchen.
I want to do something with the kitchen.
It has great "bones", being handmade by a joiner.
It just needs updating. Resurfacing.
I want it to look like this one...


Painted white, with the wooden worktop sanded and oiled.
Expose the boarded up fireplace. Add a breakfast bar.
Can I dream of a butler sink too? Stainless steel appliances and one of those double door fridge freezers?
Ah heck, why not, this is a dream isn't it?

In the meantime, I'll do what I can to make it funky.
Like turn teatowels into cushion covers for my window seat.

My favourite spot in the house. Great for reading, drinking tea, chatting.
We've just moved the cane armchair in here, to make a cosy conversation area, see?

(If you come visit me, we will sit here in the sun; I'll serve you gluten free treats, we'll have a cuppa...)

And look, I bought some cool vintage tin signs.
Been looking for some for ages. I envisage a whole wall full of them quirky and retro, colourful.

I'm also on the hunt for more cool old teatowels to transform the rest of my cushions.

{This cushion reads: Both of us can't look good at the same time...
it's me or the House}

My new cushion covers are all handstitched you know. I don't know how to drive a sewing machine.
Some people don't drive, I don't sew.

I love my home. I love the light and the character and the slightly rough-round-the-edges family feel of it.

But I'd love a bit more cutting edge funkiness on show too.
What do you think, have I made a good start?

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Anonymous said...

I collect fridge magnets with sayings like that (...it's me or the house), the ones I like at the moment are 'Please excuse the mess, we want you to feel at home' or 'You can touch the dust but please don't write in it'. I have a couple of tin wall things too in the kitchen and am completely inspired by your teatowel cushion covers. Genius idea.
Beautiful house and I hope all your dreaming comes true x

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Ooooo...I love your house. Even just right now. I love it. It oozes family and retro and funky. If I lived just round the corner, I'd be on that window seat so often you'd have to push me off ;-)

PaisleyJade said...

Oh I loooooooooooooooove your house Simone! Love the plans you have too - and your cushions are amazing and very funky! I am hoping to turn my kitchen a bit retro with some tin signs etc one day.

So hope also to sit on your bench seat one day too and eat some gluten free goodies and sip tea out of your flash cups ;)

Weza said...

I too love your house! It has such awesome character and bones. Yes I can totally see your kitchen looking like that and the plans to add a verandah are a great idea. Just be sure to do it in keeping with the 20's style of the house. I want a window seat, I want to sit in your window seat. You hand stitched your cushion covers! AMAZING!!!

Leonie said...

I am definately coming to sit on your window seat and eat gluten free treats. I love Meghan's comment..hehe..
Your house looks gorgeous! And those cushion covers - wow! what a great idea...can I steal it? You are so patient to hand stich them too.
Very funky.

DeXaNiX said...

Love your house Simone. Just the right amount of Retro-Cool :)
Really love the teatowel cushions, what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Loved the look of what your kitchen would look like painted white.
I will look out for some retro tea towels for you.
Also liked the furniture at Early Settler. Winnie

Leslie said...

everything is gorgeous!!!!! Looks fantastic.

meg said...

Hey cute cushions you non sewer! My living room is in big need of a makeover. The walls need painting, the chandelier is falling apart and there are too many different types of wood (including some very cheap veneer tables that I'm thinking might look good in red??). I'll have to have a play with one of those "paint your house" computer programmes.

Rae Ann said...

Love, love. lovity, love your window seat! When I saw the picture of your tea-towel-pillows, I thought they were more show-room inspiration. Awesome! If I ever find myself on your half of the planet, I would love to come over for a cuppa!

Carey Morris said...

I love your dream, even your reality is pretty cool! I love those tin signs, I got one for my hubby for his shed last year and have a wish list for signs for my laundry, kitchen, garden etc. I too have a dream for my house but while we are one income a dream it must remain. Sigh.

Dee said...

oh snap! same. we moved 3 years ago and i'm itching too (my ideas are bouncing off a brick wall at the moment though Haha)...and totally SAME about the kitchen. would LOVE to paint my rimu cupboard doors over in white...but what a MASSIVE job huh? (plus the hubbo is a furniture maker/joiner so it's kinda against the rules to paint over wood!

Anonymous said...

you home is so inviting Simoney
and I would love to have tea in you lounge and eat gluten free treats!!!
love your ideas too...so fun to dream!

love and light

Jen said...

I LOVE older houses they have a character to them
yours is so nice
and I like your wish list lounge suite too

Anonymous said...

Loved this Simoney! It has inspired me to do one of my own. :)

Jenny said...

Oh I love your house as it is!! Wanna swap!?! :o)

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