17 January 2011

Gluten Free Scones (with Cream & Jam)

One of our favourite family treats has been Scones with Cream'n'Jam - a.k.a. Devonshire Teas. So going gluten free I thought I'd have to wave goodbye to this luxury.

But this morning I thought, darn it. I fancy some scones.
I'm going to try using my GF baking mix to replace the flour in my scone recipe and see if that works.

And it did. Pretty much.

The taste is excellent - if slightly more baking powdery.
The mixture uses less liquid. And doesn't rise much.

But once these scones are cut open and topped with cherry/strawberry/plum jam and a squirt of cream...
they're as good as the original.

These young ladies certainly thought so, as we sipped our milky tea and devoured a couple of scones each.

So here's the revised recipe for some perfectly acceptable Gluten Free Scones. With Cream and jam, of course.

3 cups gluten free baking mix (Bakels or Healtheries)
125g butter, softened
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup (250ml) milk

Stir the baking powder and salt into the baking mix. Cut the butter into chunks and then rub it into the floury mixture until it resembles fine breadcrumbs and no lumps are left. Stir in the milk. Don't bother kneading.

Turn the mixture out onto a bench top (lightly floured with a sprinkle of baking mix) and flatten out with your hands to roughly 2cm thick. Use a glass to press out rounds of scone dough and place on an oven tray covered in baking paper. When all the dough is used up, you should have approx 12 scones.

Bake at 190oC until golden brown. Don't expect them to rise much. they won't.

Serve immediately with your favourite jam and whipped cream (or the squirty kind from a tin) and a pot of English Breakfast tea.

(Hint: For maximum genteel-ness, send the hooligans boys outside with a bowl of popcorn. Dine elegantly indoors with the ladies.)

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PaisleyJade said...

Mmmmmm - they look delicious Simone! Love the bit about sending the boys outside too ;)

Lyns said...

Love Miss Fab's little finger when she's pouring the tea...such a wee lady!

Anonymous said...

When I come for tea
will you make those for me?

Leigh said...

Yum yum, just made these for lunch for myself and my daughter. Beautiful. I added a little gum as well. They did actually rise quite well. Thanks

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