19 January 2011

Loving...Not Loving: Little Things

I'm loving hydrangeas. They are so simple. But so cool. (I'm not loving that there aren't any growing in my garden and I have to surreptitiously "harvest" ones that straggle over fences onto my street...)

I'm loving easy dinners. Nutritious, tasty and gluten free. Not loving the groans I get, "Ohhhhhh what? Nachos again?"

I'm loving my breadmaker. Bought for quarter of it's usual cost, with a gluten free setting. Love that I have perfected the formula. Love that it takes three minutes to put on a loaf. Love that yeasty baking smell and the way my home-baked loaves are soft and delicious. And half the cost of the bricks they pass off as gluten free bread in the supermarkets. Not loving how fast those loaves disappear. they are just too yummy to stay around for long.

I'm big-time loving Brooke Fraser's new album: Flags.
Especially this track. I turn it up loud in the car, and the kids all sing and shimmy with me.

That is one catchy song. (And I'm loving that my six-year-old digs Brookie!)

I'm loving the things kids say.

Darn it I wish I could remember some of them so I could tell you.
Not loving that I've forgotten all the funny things my kids have said to me lately.
You would of cracked up. You really would.

Artist's Impression of The Humidity Aff

Not loving the humidity. Last night it was 100%.
Even my GHD hair straighteners are no match for that kind of frizz.
Last night I straightened my hair to go out to the movies with friends.
By the time I got to the car I had an Aff.
Grrr. Not loving Affs (at least not on me)

But. I am loving going to the movies with friends.
Especially these friends.

I am loving that this friend carries around a red crocheted coffee cup holder in her handbag - made by PaisleyJade. I am loving that she even had a spare one for me which kept my fingertips from being scalded. My husband may have mocked us, and called them hairbands, but our coffees were styley and heat-resistant.

I love PaisleyJade's crochet cup holders. Think I may have to buy me some from here when she gets some more in stock (hint hint).

(However. I am totally in agreement with Gail and not loving Johnny Depp's dweeby-ness in The Tourist)

button2Loving that there's only two weeks left of the school holidays.

Not loving that there's only two weeks left of the school holidays.

What are you loving/not loving lately?

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Widge said...

I want a bread maker!!

So funny about that song. I loathed it when I first heard it...I think I remember bagging it to you and Gail in the car that night ;) BUT you are so right and it is soooooooooooooooooo freakin catchy!! and THE kids do LOVE IT!! and then I started to too. Especially after I watched the vid clip and saw it in a whole new light rather than as a "hoe down county song" I thought it was when I first heard it.
Sorry for babbling.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Ha I hate affs too! Even in Welly it was humid as, and it's never humid here. Good thing I'd gone for the curly look anyway that day or I'd have been in the exact same boat!!

Loving seeing fellow bloggers on your blog. It makes you all seem so famous somehow...LOL!

Leonie said...

Loving your bread maker!! are you serious, a gluten free setting?! My plane arrives at about 5.30pm next wed, will be over for homemade gf bread!! lol.
Also loving that Brooke Fraser song and my kids love it too.
Not loving humidity.. always yucky and humid in Brissy, but loving we have ducted aircon - which I will miss :(
oh and loving nachos too..and lovely bloggy friends.
oh loving this post - its lots of lovely things.

PaisleyJade said...

I am really loving your afro pic - hehe. Not loving the humidity at all!

I am totally going to make some more coffee cup holders - I was sitting in my hammock last night burning my fingers off and then wondered why I haven't made myself one yet!

p.s. your nachos look way too yum!

Lyns said...

I was walking last night with Brooke Fraser singing on my ipod and thought this song is quite uplifting...I might post it on my blog!!
Love the afro pic - My GHD's working overtime! x

Jen said...

we have a hydrangea and I too like it when my older son picks them for me :)

Brooke Frazer is cool was watching and singing to her yesterday :)

I moved away from Auckland coz of the humidity it sometimes comes to visit though :(

jacksta said...

Lovin those things you are lovin...cool having a bread maker with the gluten free setting. That should help you a lot.

Anonymous said...

not gonna even go NEAR the afro as you know what kind of hair I have
loven' the tune and all the yummy food...
now what is the Johnny Depp whimpyness about girls??? Is it the character he plays or him????
Guess I will have to go see the movie to get it straight...
ps loven' that friend you go to the movies with and the little Crochet Queen you speak of!!

love and light♥

mr G said...

johnny depp is cool in the Tourist, you cany take these things to oseriously!! - simones hubby - mr G

Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

Loved listening to Brooke's new song! Been over here in the UK, I had no idea,she has this song out! Very catchy, and I know she has a new album- I so def want it! (I wonder if it is on ITunes?) I remember going to her concert in Wgton with my two sisters in 2004 or was it 2006? I can't quite remember. Must be my Mummy brain! Anyway great blog- look forward to reading your posts.:)) Bx

Angela said...

I want Johnny Depp to be endearing in The Tourist - he's not? Even if you don't like him wearing that persona, did you at least think he was good at creating yet another convincing character? Please, assure me all is not lost.

Sophie said...

oooh you lucky thing - hydrangeas and a breadmaker - bliss!

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