12 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fun 'n' Games

We love Thomas with batteries... (mummy built the awesomest track ever)

Come on mummy! put down dat camera and play trains wid me!!!

Choo Choooooo!


We discover Card Games (complete with singing and dancing of course)

Trust me, this game was NOT serious...

Awww mum! put the camera away you japanese tourist and GO FISH!!!

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Gail said...

That scrag!! Love the cheese smile.
And LOL I know all about "non competitive" card games ;) ;) poor kids!
Hope the girl was in good form for you last night! Thanks so much and see you soon!!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I love getting out the trains - we have the same set as you and we don't do it enough! We got it out last week and had some great fun. Apart from the battery acid from one of the trains that leaked all over the carpet though - that was not such fun.

Carey Morris said...

I love how your wee man was dressed in thomas clothes as well! He needs a conductors hat.

Rach said...

Lovely pics... so captures little boy on the go!

Lyns said...

So cute!! Love the cheeeeze.
Can't wait til my kids are big enough to play card games (don't think I have the patience to try with Bubble at the mo). Looks like fun relaxing times at your place xx

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