22 February 2012

Favourite Things

Can you tell I am anticipating Autumn???


What are a Few of Your Favourite Things?

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Laura said...

I love how you spell favourite :-)

Simoney said...

Ha ha, Laura, that's how we spell it here in this little British outpost Downunder!
"Favourite" vs "favorite"
"Colour" vs "color" etc etc

I forget that you spell things different up there in the USA!

Anonymous said...

My favourite things today:
Baby giggles
Raspberry Slice
Nail Polish
Bubble Baths
Hugs from Hubby

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

A lovely list - most of those would be on mine too. And freesias are my Mum's favourite flower. x

Anonymous said...

I know what to buy you for xmas now, a pair of turqoise fluffy slippers and a cinnamon scented candle. ha ha ha.
Winnie x

remaliah said...

Sunshine, melting snow, longer days, fresh flowers, the song of birds and watching them flit in and our of their nearby nests...I'm looking forward to Spring :) Your Autumn preparing sounds cosy!

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