17 February 2012

Loving Today

Loving the smiles on sweet faces as they pose for the camera, excited at the prospect of their very first Year Three sleepover.

Packed and ready to head to school for a night of sleeping on the hall floor with 130 other 7-year-olds.

Excuse the blurry photos. Its hard to capture lightning.

Grateful she didn't insist that I be Parent Help. Whew.

Loving the intensity of my little athlete.

Picked for the inter-school touch rugby tournament, he represents his school. How odd to see him handling the oval ball!!

As always Dash gives 100% and comes away with seven tries at the end of the day. They didn't win, but he is growing up - he didn't mind. He knew he gave his best, and that was enough.

Grateful for blue skies. It wouldn't have been much fun spectating in the rain... (also grateful I had the time and space to go and cheer him on)

Still loving my Wii Active 2. See, look. Here I am kissing it. I really do love it.

Who would have ever thought that exercise could be fun?
Grateful to the genius who invented Wii.
My shrinking rear-end thanks you.

(The scales show little change but my mirror tells a different tale. I doubt I will be mistaken for a pregnant woman ever again *fingers crossed*)


What are you Loving today?

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Cat said...

loven' you!
hey come by for a visit
something going on in my space I think you will like friend
: )

Love and Light

PaisleyJade said...

My baby has her Year 1&2 sleepover in the school hall soon too! Loving your list!

PaisleyJade said...
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Melanie said...

Sweet! Sleepovers are fun, aren't they?

Oh, must check out that Wii Active. I'd like people to start not mistaking me for a pregnant woman. :-))

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