13 February 2012

Scene and Heard

Scene: Dash goes off to his first Senior School Camp last week. A week of outdoor adventure and class bonding. It is so very quiet at home without him.

Not that he's the noisy one - he's actually the quietest of our bunch of clowns (though still far from a Librarian). Somehow the family dynamic changes when you drop from three kids down to two. Everyone is calmer. There's less squabbling and wrestling. We do miss him though.

Heard: Scrag is crying after being scolded for some naughtiness. Usually this is the point when he cries for Grandma...

MISS FAB: Are you going to cry for Grandma, Scrag?
SCRAG: No. Sometimes when I sad, I cry for God.
ME: Awwww, you cry for God? Do you ask him to help you not be sad?
SCRAG: No, I ask him to make me a little baby again, cos when I a little baby I never get growled.

O my sweet sweet boy ♥

Scene: Dash arrives home from camp. He lets me hug him in front of his teacher. He calls out and  waves to his sister. He man-hugs Scrag and kisses Dave the Female Cat, and he makes us all wait until dinner to tell us about his adventures.
Suddenly the house is not quiet anymore. Wrestling is back on the menu. Dash is back.

{P.S. The black eye is courtesy of Scrag's elbow}

Heard: We are all enjoying the (very much delayed coverage of) Australian X-Factor. When I say all, I mean, all of us except Mr G who is not impressed by reality TV (unless it's British and involves CCTV footage).
But the kids love Johnny Ruffo and they want Daddy to share the love.
So they drag him into the sitting room and make him watch Johnny doing his thing.

MISS FAB: Oh I hope Johnny gets through to the final!
DASH: Nah, I think it should be Reece, and Andrew and Three Wishez...
SCRAG: No! No! No! I think it should be Johnny... and Declan... and JOSH KRAJCIK!!!

Sorry. That was an inhouse joke.
Josh Krajcik was from American X-Factor. Josh Krajcik was Scrag's favourite.
Scrag wandered around the house for days saying "JOSH KRAJCIK!" He had his Daddy very confused until we explained about X-Factor.

So that was Scrag being witty.
Well we thought it was funny.

Scene: Miss Fab's Middle School Swimming Carnival. She came a surprising second in her heats for all of the events. Surprising because she has never had a swimming lesson, apart from what I've shown her. And what they do at school (which isn't much).

Also surprising because she was in "Group Two" - with kids who do have lessons. So well done sporty Miss Fab!

Heard: I wake up coughing, coughing, coughing. I cannot get rid of this nasty cough. Scrag has wriggled his way into my bed and he is full of sympathy.
He wraps his arm around my neck and kisses my cheek: "Don't worry mum, I proteck you," he says.
Awwwww, I love that guy!


That's a bit of what's been happening around my place. Seen or heard anything funny lately?

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Jen said...

hope you get better soon

wtg miss Fab

remaliah said...

That's so cute! I love what little ones say...we're on the verge of enjoying many of those moments :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Miss Fab! And get well soon Simoney. Your kids are lovely and all of these stories are adorable :)

Sophie said...

That scragadoo sounds like a real comedy joe! Love his comment about crying to God! How adorable!! So lovely to see what Dash and Miss Fab are up to! Growing up!!!!!

Neetz said...

Aww that's lovely seeing your kids interactions!! One thing I heard this week in my house that made me laugh was my 7yr old who was getting really annoyed at his almost 3yr old sister...he said "Man you better stop being mean to me, because I asked God to send you here and I might pray he takes you away again!!" hahahahah I laughed secretly...but then did the "lets think about what we're saying" lesson... and EVENTUALLY he realised that he'd miss her if God did take her back again..hahahahaha. (we had been trying to have a baby....but nothing was happening, and then one night Asher prayed that we'd have a baby girl...and what do you know suddenly we were expecting Kendyl!!... so he thinks we only have her because of his prayer!!).. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Priceless, i have told every one what Jono has said, lifted my heart. arrrgg the bairn.x Granny Winnie

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