05 April 2012

Loving Easter

Loving the Fashion
Easter is the perfect time of year to turn scarves, tea towels and table cloths into Palestine Haute Couture, circa AD30.
So practical, so comfortable. So easy to create an ensemble with only a moment's notice.

{these two young Models featured in the Easter 2009 Collection}

Loving the Food
What's not to love about spiced lamb served with olives and unleavened bread? Even better when its washed down with a vintage bottle of Chateau Lafitte sparkling grape juice.

Loving the Hope
The real message of Easter is Hope.
Not bunnies (cute as they are)... not Chocolate (though we are glad that's become part of it)...
Not even Eggs (though they are a symbol of New Life)


See those words? Start over... no matter what.
That's Hope right there, and that's why I love Easter. I'm pinning my Hopes on forgiveness, fresh starts, and clean slates. New Every Morning.

Loving a Good Laugh...

...this is from our very first Easter Dinner, and I didn't even realise Grandma was filming me. That's me being very serious as "Mary" while my dear Other Half is acting the part of a Greek fruiterer otherwise known as "Peter". Hehehe. You just gotta laugh at yourself sometimes. Hehehe.

I plan to make us all relive these fun memories and focus on the story of Easter tomorrow night for dinner. I have the lamb. I have the flatbread, grape juice, olives (and even some wine for the big people). There are towels and scarves and tablecloths in the cupboard for the asking.

It could be a total fiasco. Or it could be a great laugh, while we imagine what it might have been like for those terrified fishermen 2000 years ago when they seemed to have backed the wrong horse.

As those men watched their beloved leader die so horribly, their hopes and dreams died with him.
I know that feeling. Most of us do, at some point. Hopelessness. Defeat. Despair.
That's Good Friday - the only thing good about it is that it's not the end of the story.
Because on Sunday morning Hope came alive again. The impossible became possible and dreams were resurrected along with Jesus. Those terrified fishermen were transformed into world changers.
If there's hope for them, there's hope for me too.

That's why I love Easter.

What about you?


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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Amen...lovely post. May you and the rest of the G's have a blessed Easter xx

Anonymous said...

Danielle Pauling here.... You are so inspiring. What an amazing family you have created - I love how the kids are so transfixed upon you in the video! Looking forward to seeing the 2011 models!

Sophie Slim said...

Hehehe! You and your parties! So cool!! Hope your family has a great easter! :)

Jen said...

your models look good !! :)

LOVE what you put on your blackboard

enjoy your special meal

S and family said...

What a beautiful tradition to have an Easter dinner in this way.

Miriam said...

awesome post - awesome thoughts and so true

Sophie said...

Love this idea Simoney. Wish I'd seen it in time to get some lamb in!!

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