29 July 2009

Princess Party: Having a Royal Ball...

When a Royal Princess Turns five, a proclamation is sent throughout the land, inviting Princes, Princesses, Knights of the Realm and well-trained Dragons to come celebrate with a Royal Ball.

Since it is well-known that Royal families don't get out much, Kings and Queens are invited to join in the fun as well - on the proviso that they must all dress up in their Royal Best. They spend weeks planning their Royal Attire. the question on everyone's lips is "What will you wear to the ball, Cinderella??" (and "can I squeeze into my wedding dress??")

Since the Royal Residence is not large enough to hold so many, a new venue is found: 
a local Community hall, available for much less than a King's Ransom. 

The King and Queen transform it with acres of shiny Royal Bunting and strings of (borrowed) twinkle lights. 

The hall becomes a magical place, complete with banqueting table for the Royal Guests.

 A Ball must have dancing; in fact a Ball is dancing. A collection of the Princess's favourite waltzes (and other fancy numbers) is compiled by the queen. 

An honour guard is formed by the Royal Guests, and Princesses, Knights and Dragons form a parade. There is even a Royal trumpeter (a volunteer from the ranks of the FaceBook Guard).

Beautiful food fit for a Princess is laid out on the tables. Each Royal Family brings a plate of delicious victuals to share, so the Royal Banquet will not be lacking in sustenance...

The Queens give their Royal servants the night off, and pitch in to help prepare the feast in the kitchen; dressed in their best gowns, no less. Everywhere there is a sense of fun and celebration. This is a Royal Ball to remember.

There is waltzing. (So sweet!)

King Daddy the Great keeps the Royal Guests dancing, giving them gifts of light (glowsticks) when their moves are impressive and/or enthusiastic. There is not much sitting down ... apart from the feasting at the Royal Banqueting Table...

There is laughter: "Hahahaha! This is great fun!"

A Royal Castle Cake

The Princes and Princesses dance the night early evening away with their Royal friends...

The shining eyes say it all... a wonderful celebration for all Royal Families in attendance!

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PaisleyJade said...

What an amazing birthday!!

Trees said...

Gorgeous pictures, looks like so much fun!

Xenia said...

What a fun party and I love the castle cake!

p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

Theta Mom said...

That castle cake is amazing! The entire party looks AMAZING!

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