05 August 2009

The Friendship Chair

A New School Day. Unlike the parents of older kids (who drop their kids at the gate and keep on rolling) us mothers of newbies hang around at the back of the New Entrant classroom each morning until the roll is called. Eventually we manage to reluctantly drag ourselves away from our fledgling schoolgoers... usually after watching GTV.

Each day begins with GTV, the school's homegrown TV show and daily notices. Older students help prepare and present the "news" - as well as some cute and funny "ads" highlighting important things about the school's culture.

Like the importance of washing your hands after using the bathroom (hilarious). And yesterday we were introduced to The Friendship Chair.

The ad shows a sad kid hanging out by themselves.

Voice Over: "Are you lonely and have no one to play with?? Sit on The Friendship Chair and someone will invite you to come play with them..."
Sad kid is joined by two friendly shiny happy kids. They all go off and play ball together. Awwww cute!

I thought, How nice, what a lovely idea. Wonder if it works??

It would seem so. Today, I asked Princess who she played with at lunchtime. She told me...

"I saw a girl sitting by herself on the Friendship Chair so I went over and asked her if she wanted to come play with me and she did! I played with her for the whole lunchtime and now she's my friend!"

Amazing. My little girl, on her third day at school is looking out for lonely kids. What a Star.


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PaisleyJade said...

What a neat idea (the school notices - and the friendship chair). So sweet that your little one is thinking of others on just day 3!

meg said...

what a sweetie :o)

Sophie said...

That is a lovely idea! Well done Abby!

Sammy said...

What a lovely idea! School can be scary when you are new with no friends- I think that is such a great idea. And a big gold star to your little princess!

Messy Girl said...

That is absolutely adorable! If I had more than 2 girls I would definitely do this; fortunately, since there's only 2 of them, they HAVE to be nice to each other all the time :)

Gail said...

A very cool idea!

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