03 August 2009

School Begins

She's there. Right now as I write this my baby girl is somewhere up at school. She could be sitting cross-legged on the mat, playing on the monkey bars, making new friends, learning to read... I still can't quite get my head around it. And with the little guy asleep, the house is so quiet!

Scrag woke her up early this morning; he sneaked into her room and started clattering around. Dash tried to get him out before she was woken... too late. I heard him stage-whisper to her, "Go back to sleep OK? You need your rest for school..."

As she was eating her porridge, I overheard Dash giving her the run-down: "First you get dressed, clean your teeth, put your lunch box on the counter and then you can watch some TV..."

Seems the little sister's graduation to the Big World of school is making her more acceptable to her older brother. The TV never did go on this morning. Instead I observed Big Brother playing "schools" with Little Sister, to help her get ready. Writing "2+2" and "5+5" on her blackboard and encouraging her to use her fingers to work out the answer. I just had to grab the camera to record such a warm fuzzy moment.

We found a carpark no problem (as we were soooo on time); Dash ran off ahead to his classroom and we trailed behind. Bag hung, drink bottle stowed, books handed over... the teacher instructed us to go to the office and get our official blue slip to say we've started.

As I waited for my turn with the Office Lady, a familiar cheeky face appeared at the door; Big Brother had brought along two of his classmates to meet his sister.

"Want to come play with us...?" he asked her, and off she went. I'm still in shock!

The bell rang and she knew what to do, thanks to four weeks of Thursday morning school visits. I watched for a while, admiring how sweet she looks in her uniform, feeling proud. When I left she was sitting on the mat, looking every inch a confident schoolgirl.

In an hour I'll pick her up and see how her day went. I might go and whip up some muffins for our afternoon tea...?

After School Update: I managed to make a batch of Banana Choc Chip muffins and arrived at school just as the bell rang. A happy girl greeted me; the teacher confirmed she'd had a great day and seemed to fit in as if she'd been at school for ages. On the way to the car, we finally heard the words we were hoping for... "Mummy, I love love LOVE school!"

How do you find transitions/changes? Did you need the tissues on your kids' first day?

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Amy said...

Yep, I cried both times. At both new schools. That's alot of tissues and I've still got to get through Mishal's first days too. Sigh - I am sure your Princess had a wonderful day. They usually do!

PaisleyJade said...

My first two boys were fine... but Miss 5 took ages to adjust - they go straight into full days in our school. I found myself waiting in the class with a clinging little girl... so was quite relieved once she didn't need me anymore.

Sophie said...

Well done Simoney! Well done Abby!

Trees said...

SO glad she had a great day!
I hate change generally, I slowly turn into a slightly deranged woman that John takes a wide berth around until..'thar she blows!'
With schools though it seemed like a natural progression, (fortunately for John). The girls were both 'ready' for something new and after the 6 week holiday it wasn't so difficult starting a new routine.
However, looming on the horizon is Zoe's big move to senior school. Not next summer but the one after and I KNOW these last couple of years are going to fly by.

Mandee said...

I always have a hard time sending them off to school for the first time! This year I have one starting kindergarten and one starting preschool...boohoo! I'll do fine once we get past that first day! I'm following you from MBC! :)

Gail said...

Oh, happy first day Abs! Love Oliviaxxxxxxxxxxx (and the rest of us!)

Theta Mom said...

Awww, the first day is always exciting! My son's first day of pre-school was a bit of a blur...I think partly because he didn't know what was really going on! This September should be more fun, now that he knows what to expect. :)

Meeks said...

So glad it all went well for you! Now I only have one at home (who thinks she is old enough to go to school!)

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