22 February 2010


I know how this doggie feels. Bugger!!!
You know how I've been soooo good and going to the gym three times a week?? Well yesterday I did my back in. Baaaaad.
And my chiropractor said: No gym for you for a bit. Bugger.
And No more Rowing Machine ever. Worst thing out for your back. Bugger! (I lurve the Rowing machine)
And Be Extra Careful or your disc injury could go to The Next Level (A disc Hernia. Does that mean Surgery?) Bugger!!

So here I sit. But not for long, because it's killing me. Owwwwch.

I have a dodgey disc in my lower back, you see. The core of it is damaged and sometimes "bulges out", pinching the nerves in my spine. It's been fine for a couple of years,but when it "goes", Oh it's like someone takes a sledgehammer to my back. And then follows up with a swing from an ice-pick. Down I go.

Once it happened at kindy and I collapsed on the porch and had to crawl inside (past all the yummy mummies), and lay down for half an hour before I could move. Then it took two people to help me up and get me in my car. I was "out" for a week or more.

This time it's nowhere near as bad as that, but still. I can't sit for long. I can't bend or lift or stand for too long. Like I said, Bugger!!

Just when I was getting into a good rhythm and routine of exercising. I'm determined not to fall off the Fitness Wagon, determined to do the walking bus tomorrow, get back to the gym by Thursday. Cross fingers!

PS Click here for The Toyota Ad (a real hard-case Kiwi ad starring that poor dog and the word "Bugger!")

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Amy said...

Ouchie. Sorry for you. Greg has the same condition in his neck and it is no joke. Hope it settles down soon. xx

Sammy said...

You poor thing...! So nice to see your lovely self and that cute little man this morning! What a treat..... I just have to hope I remember your visit now!!!!

Gail said...

Oh Crap! Hope it doesn't take long to get back to normal.
Go easy on yourself Simone..... check before you head back!!!!

Unknown said...

Ugh! I have a bad back too... been feeling almost well for a little while here but I know when it goes, it just makes everything hard! I hope you feel better soon. Don't push yourself, the last thing you want is to make things worse.

Anonymous said...

Oh yip - bugger! What more can I say except take care of yourself luv, and wishing u a speedy recovery!

Sophie said...

oooh you poor thing...hope you recover superquick!!!

banban said...

Oh no!!!!

Hope you get well soon.

count it all joy said...

Oh Simone...poor you. My hubby's a physio and can you believe it, also suffers from a bad back (from guess what? Years of rowing!). I know what he would tell you - don't lose heart...when you're able, work on your core muscles to help support your back. Nothing worse than disc pain, ugh! Hope you feel much better soon. Meredy xo.

Anonymous said...


Weza said...

Poor you Simone, perhaps you could try swimming for a while instead? It is a bugger when your exerciase routine takes a hit. You will find a way. In the meant time I will be praying for your healing. xxx

PaisleyJade said...

Hope you heal soon!

IASoupMama said...

Oh, no! Feel better soon!

meg said...

Poor you! I can totally get it having being limping myself recently... at least I can sit or stand still easily though!

Simoney said...

Today I did NOT wimp out on my walking bus duties... going there was bearable (just very slow); but coming home took forever and sooo sore afterwards. I think There will be no gym for me this week at all :( Kind Ces (the lovely walking bus driver) dropped around a "thermocorset" to help me. It feels gooood. x

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