15 February 2010

General Wierdness and Pats on the Back

I suffer in the heat of Summer. Am I the only person on the planet who does not love this season? I am sure  if I confess to you that I am hanging out for Autumn's crispness you will think I am wierd.

Summer, be over already! I've had enough of the sweaty stickiness. Humidity, begone!
Wierdo, I hear you muttering. OK, OK, I know I am. You Northern Hemisphere-ites are probably cursing the snow and ice... or at least the rainy grey fogginess. And you Aussies are probably thinking, Harden up, mate! You don't know what hot is with your pathetic 27oC.

I'm a wooss, I admit. The heat turns my brain to mush and shortens my already-short fuse. I can't find clothes that are comfortable cool and light - but that also hide my rolls! I am dreaming of layers. And jeans. Long sleeves to hide my batwings and jackets to hide my muffin.

So there you have it. More evidence of my innate wierdness. The only Kiwi who avoids the sun, and chooses the shade over a tan. Hey, my delicate palor is preferrable to the leather-look, ya know!

But I am patting myself on the back for two of my recent accomplishments...

1) I have joined the gym.
OK, you can pick yourself up off the floor now. Shocking, I know. Anyone who knows me can tell you how lazy I am - I'm the original couch potato. But things are getting desperate. The middle-age spread is spreading rapidly. I have had to admit to myself that I am no longer NZ Size 14 but a fully fledged Size 16 *gasp*

Now, I can live with myself as a 14 - but not as a Size 16. I am too uncomfortable. Too lacking in energy. Nothing looks nice on and the couch has too much pull - I can only see it getting worse. Drastic measures are required, and so with the extra push of having to get fit for Gail's 16km Walk for Haiti... I am now a 40-year-old wannabe Gym Bunny. (Check me out reading the Rebel Sport Catalogue, scouting for gym gear to cover my wide-load!)

I joined the YMCA, not a poser gym (yay). There's plenty of old grannies and people in even worse shape than me, so I feel right at home.
I'm going three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus I do the Walking School Bus on Tuesday. Can you believe it?

You should have seen me on Friday: I tried out a "Combination" Class, which nearly killed me. I have only just stopped aching everywhere, so it must have done me some good. But boy-o-boy, am I unco! Two left feet, two right arms. And don't you just hate the huge wall mirrors they have in gyms? I don't want to see myself 10 steps behind everyone else, sweating like a piggy wiggy!

Next time I will drag my friend Meg with me for some moral support. No weight loss yet :( Guess I'll have to knock the icecream and weekend takeaways on the head to get some results *sigh*

2) I got the most amazing bargains in the end-of season sales!
My mother-in-law would be so proud of me (she's a great bargain hunter). I have bought up a bunch of next-years' sized clothes for the kids at the Farmers Clearout. Really great stuff down from $18-$23 to $3.75!!!

I totally raided the $5 racks and grabbed t-shirts for everyone (plus birthday gifts for the cuzzies) and then when I got up to the checkout, it was a further 25% off. I got nearly $200 worth of clothes for $45. How's that for great??

So. I may be wierd and totally over Summer. But I am planning ahead for next year's Summer. We are equipped with next year's clothes. And by then I'll (hopefully) have a beach-worthy bod. Too bad I'll be hiding in the shade :)

What's your favourite season?

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Widge said...

we havent had summer here in canterbury. I'm sitting here in jeans and layers with cold fingers. This has been the worst weather wise summer here forever!
I like summer and autumn. And i like it when it snows in winter for about 2 days then I'm over it. Not so into spring, don't like the fru -fru- ness of pink blossoms and it's still pretty cold here then anyway.

Widge said...

p.s oh and WOW good on you for joining the gym!!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you Simoney...my ideal heat in summer is 24 degrees...anything above that I am not thinking is so fun...
good for you for joining the gym!!!
ra ra
thats me cheering you on...
ps sorry about the winded comment last post...it just got away from me...

Lyns said...

Definitely no summer here in Canterbury!! I also love crisp Autumn days and leaves changing colours, in fact I like something about all seasons - except Winter!! Hate dark mornings and dreary cold days...

Yay for you going to the gym, and I'm sure your un-co-ness is nowhere near as bad as mine. I mean I shudder at the thought of the "grapevine" aerobics move.

PaisleyJade said...

I am boiling hot right now at 9pm at night - too hot!!!

Yay for you joining the gym - such an inspiration!!

Lyns said...

Send us some of that hot. I am cold. My bubba has a woolie singlet on tonight, and we all have sniffles!

count it all joy said...

What a great post Simoney...again! Congrats on joining the gym, very brave of you. I actually have a free gym membership which I have yet to use (I am the biggest fraidy cat ever). I really should do it, but I seem to always find excuses why i can't. Pathetic, I know. That image of the little old lady has inspired me, however.

I'm with you on the heat thing. Can't stand the heat and humidity of summer. Sweat, bad hair days, what's to like? Spring and Autumn....now we're talking. Meredy xo.

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm tired just hearing about this gym business.

And I'm cold and wintry in the UK. And very happy about that.

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