14 February 2010

Loving...NOT Loving: Movie Magic?

Seen any movies lately? I'm not talking a DVD night here - I mean going out to see a new release on The Big Screen. Movies are a rare treat for us (you too, huh?) The effort and cost of arranging babysitters means that when you get a chance to see a movie at the Cinema you want it to be a good one.

Tonight was such a night (in honour of Valentines tomorrow). Mr G was thinking a nice meal; I was thinking: Avatar! Everyone's raving about it, it's breaking Box Office records (apparently) and could do well at the Oscars??? Oh yes I am so well informed. Mr G was easily persuaded and off we went.
We didn't see the 3D version (I was worried I'd get motion sickness, as I get queasy on the Motion Master...silly me!)

Avatar was great - well worth paying a babysitter for. It was original and clever, and it had heart. It was fast paced, action packed, amazing graphics, relatable characters, a great story and a satisfying conclusion.

The boys will like it because it's manly and techo and there's plenty of testosterone flying around. This is one to take hubby to.

The girls will like it because the hero is a hunk (even in a wheelchair; even when he's blue). The story tugs at your heartstrings, there's romance and a great Cause. Don't get put if because it's sci-fi. You pretty much forget that it is, it's that good.
This movie is lingering in my thoughts... which is the mark of a great movie, in my book. I'm just wishing I was braver and had seen it in 3D. It was fab in 2D. It would have been mindblowing in 3D.

My verdict: LOVING Avatar (5/5) 
Don't wait for this one to come out on DVD - if you get the chance see it at the cinema... (yeah, in 3D).

On the other hand... I was hanging out to see The Lovely Bones. I loved the book; it was moving and original and so well written. I had high hopes for Peter Jackson's adaptation. After all, he did a great job on Lord of the Rings - true to the character and "feel" of the book. Watching his movie version was like seeing scenes from my imagination played out on screen.

So Peter, I was expecting great things from your Lovely Bones movie.
I went with Meg as Mr G was not keen, so no babysitter required. Just as well.

I was disappointed, Peter! You took liberties! You made it way too dark. The book was not dark. I don't like dark books. OK so the story had an awful murder in it, but it wasn't a gruesome scary book at all.
Peter, you made Susie Salmon's heaven seem like a very wierd and frightening place. I did not like it. It didn't feel like the same story at all. I am shaking my head at you, Pete. Sorry mate but you missed the boat on this one.
My Verdict: NOT Loving The Lovely Bones (2/5 - and that's generous)
Don't even rent the movie on DVD. Just stick to the book.

What good (or crappy) movies have you seen lately??

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Unknown said...

oooooo, a movie date! Good for you two! We haven't seen a movie since October, I think? It was Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was indeed fantastic. I think it's high time... maybe on our anniversary getaway.
Happy Valentine's Day! Do you celebrate in NZ?

PaisleyJade said...

Awesome to read your views - I too loved Avatar... saw it in 3D and it was AWESOME!!

Lyns said...

I have not been to the movies for ever. Can't even remember what the movie was?? Just dvd nights here!

Look forward to seeing Avatar then. I had kind of written it off as sci-fi, not my thing.

Widge said...

So agree with you on Avatar on every level! (esp the lead hunk ;)we saw it in 3D and it was brilliant, I don't usually like #D either but this wasnt over the top it just added more magic to it.

The lovely bones I am mixed about. I agree with your comment about her heaven. It WAS confusing and weird and pretty lame, but (but forgetting that it's meant to be heaven I thought the effects were awesome).
I did enjoy the movie though (my sister next to me didnt though)and it made me want to read the book. I don't rate either book or movie as the best I've ever seen for sure, but def not the worst either.

Renee said...

I loved Avatar despite the christian upheavel. Though I wouldn't take my kids to see it without having a talk about it first =p

I havent seen or read the Lovely Bones. It looked good in the trailer though. :) I will take your recommendation and read the book.

Gemz said...

I totally agree with you on Avatar we saw it 3d and it was sooo worth it!! Hands down the best movie I have ever seen!!

banban said...

I am hanging out to see any movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to seeing Avatar - just need to get organised & sort a babysitter....
Also really want to see the Lovely Bones as it is such an awesome book (also helped me get over the loss of my dad), but sometimes the film just cant convey the words in a book...maybe I'll just wait for that one to come out on DVD - just to see how bad it really is!

Anonymous said...

Hey Simoney movie critic of the moment!!
good on ya for getting a night out!
I as well loved Avatar and highly recommend the 3D version as it si not the typical "kids 3D" that we have seen in the past ...it is much smoother and just adds another subtle layer to the film....though i did not find the story line original...it reminded me of Pocahontas....but lucky for me I love that story so it didn't bother me.

I did read the Lovely Bones and Loved it very much....I did as well see the movie. Prior going I had sone some snooping about the movie and how much it stayed connected to the book...after doing that I made a conscience effort to leave the book at the door as I walked into the movie theatre.
I did enjoy the movie...though it could not hold a light to the book, for what it was I enjoyed it. for someone who did not read the book they would know no different. My girlfriend and I both agreed, however, that reading the book helped you get a broader perspective of the movie and see deeper into the relationships of the characters...something the movie on it's own just could not do.on a very personal note I really loved the relationship between father and daughter as well, as someone who did not have a close relationship with her father, I enjoyed watching their love for one another on the big screen...it really touched me....
WOW Cat, way to blather on!!!!

Gail said...

The Cat hasn't got her tongue ;) haha.

Haven't seen either of those movies. Not my choices at all! MJ has seen Avatar 2x. He thought it was AWESOME.

I like mush-brain movies!

IASoupMama said...

Hello from Iowa, USA. I haven't seen either Avatar or The Lovely Bones (though I have read and adored the book). I did just watch "The Hurt Locker" last night and it was very engaging. As in I think my heart was pounding nearly the whole movie and then most of the sleepless night that followed. Not a romantic comedy, BTW :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen lovely bones and personally liked it way more than the book - which frustrated me.
I was under the impression that the character Susie was in the "middle world" before reaching heaven. Most of the movie was based around her letting go of her fathers emotions and her sisters curiosity and her killers movements so that she COULD cross over to heaven. Hence the strange ambigious depiction? of the "in between world she lived? where i think Peter Jackson was so clever at achieving. Heaven was the divine place at the VERY end of the movie with the tree and the girls all reuniting in happiness.

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