25 March 2010

The Olde Schoolyard

Remember the days of the Olde Schoolyard?? We used to laugh a lot! At school this term Dash has been learning about "The Past" (i.e. the 1890's). I'm sure he thinks I was around back then... he keeps asking me questions about "back in the olden days"... as if I knew!
And today at our (awesome creative wonderful) school, the Middle School were instructed to come dressed "formally" or "in olden day clothes"... for a whole day they are going to experience what school was like in Victorian times.

An anxious Dash rolled up to school dressed in his best white shirt, long pants with braces and boots, his hair slicked back. He really looked the part (and so handsome)... but the big question was: would anyone else come dressed up???

When I spotted two girls skipping along wearing aprons and bonnets I knew he had nothing to fear. Sure enough, the playground was like a scene from yesteryear; little lads in waistcoats and caps, girls in pinafores and lace bonnets. (Those who hadn't dressed up were definitely the minority.) Out came the camera. Snap. Snap Snap went mummy.

Then we caught sight of the Teachers. Oh my word. They were all dressed up to the Nines; marching along snapping rulers on their palms and barking orders: "Hey you there! Pull up your socks!"

Dash's mustachioed teacher got the girls playing pat-a-cake and dancing in circles; real Olde Timey stuff. Then the bell went - one of those old hand-clanger type of bells, rung by a very stern looking schoolmarm in a shawl.

The children scurried to line up, shortest to tallest, backs straight, no chattering. Teachers inspected fingernails as the parents watched amused and entranced. Oh to be a fly on the wall today!
Regretfully I headed for my car (and my appointment with the gym) as strains of "God Save the Queen" echoed up the street...

What a wonderful creative way to learn about the past. Good on those teachers for thinking outside the box and really getting into the spirit of things. I am sure the children will never forget it.

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Unknown said...

That is AMAZING!! What a blast and what a cool idea for the school to execute! Dash looks great! I want our school to do this...

meg said...

Great post Simone, I hope they do it again in two years!

Fiona said...

How brilliant! The kids will certainly remember today for years to come. Big Ups to the teachers.

PaisleyJade said...

What a very cool school!!! So glad you got some photos!!!

Jen said...

love the song

and yeah my boys think the same way LOL how depressing them trying to make us way older than we really are

and totally agreeing with PaisleyJade
I want to go there
I LOVE the olden days

Anonymous said...

that is sooo cool!
my eldest has just into a school that did this last year. they have themed days every few months i think. i'm really excited for him, though i suspect i'm be moaning about the effort i have to put in!
great blog, gorgeous kids.


myletterstoemily said...

how adorable! dash is the cutest
little guy ever!

i love those dress up days.

do you know why they slicked
back their hair in the olden days?


Sophie said...

Love love love Dash and his Victorian outfit! How cool that even the teachers got into the swing of things! Fabulous!!!

Trees said...

Would love to do stuff like this at our school, lots of fun!

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