01 March 2010

New Friends, Fun Times

Do you ever read people's blogs and wonder what they are like in real life? See pictures of their adorable kids, their home baking, their colourful lives and wonder if they are too good to be true?
(Ahhh now, I know you don't wonder that about me. I let things hang out way too much for any illusions).

Well... on Saturday we got the chance to meet the PaisleyJade Family in real life.

We had to go North for a family birthday, so we invited ourselves around to PaisleyJade's place for lunch and to test out their legendary backyard waterslide (it rocks BTW).

Of course I primed my kids with what to expect... "This is a really nice family we're going to meet! Their kids are very well-behaved! They have lovely manners! Please be nice... be friendly, not bossy! Use your manners! Try try try to be well behaved, OK???" You know the drill. Please please please don't show me up.

Well, just as I suspected, the PaisleyJade Family are truly fab! Totally great people. Wonderful new friends.

The hospitality was warm and genuine. The backyard was a kids' paradise that seemed to go on for miles. Mr PaisleyJade is taller than I imagined; the kidlets are as gorgeous as their photos and got on wonderfully with my lot. (Here's the daddies deep in conversation)

And PaisleyJade's homebaked quiche... I had two bits. Couldn't help myself. There is no photo because it was all gobbled up too quick. Yum yum yum.
"The recipe's on my blog..." she said.
"There you go pet," Mr G said. "No excuses now! You can make it when we get home!"

PaisleyJade's 8-yr-old hit it off immediately with 7-yr-old Dash. They disappeared within minutes and only emerged when someone shouted, "Waterslide!"

Conveniently there was also a matching 5-yr-old girl for Miss Fab (a.k.a. Princess) to play with, and they hit it off too.
(Sadly I did not start producing children early enough to provide a buddy for PaisleyJade's Mr 10). Scrag made Miss 3 cry, when they clashed heads on the waterslide (and Mr G growled at me for taking a photo. So I haven't posted it.)

As you can see we had F.U.N.

And only one "time-out" so I think my kids didn't show me up too bad? (Dash shoved his sister roughly on the waterslide).

But apart from that they all played nice.

In the car on the way to the family birthday, my kids said to me: "Mum can they come to our next birthday?"
"Oh, good, so you really liked them huh?"
"Oh yes, they're our new best friends!"

Love how kids make friends so easily.
Love how through blogging, you feel like you already know someone when in reality you've only just met face to face.
Love how we get to meet such wonderful people in Blogland.

So, The G-Family Tour of the World could be coming to a town near you sometime this century... Any takers?

And just so you can see what you'd be in for if you agreed to have us for lunch/dinner/sleepover, here are some other photos from our weekend. We're a pretty normal lot, really.

Honest. Just ask PaisleyJade.

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Unknown said...

How fun!!! Of course you are welcome here in Nashville, TN anytime! Kind of a long trip, but I'm sure it would be worth it.

Sammy said...

It looks like such fun!

PaisleyJade said...

You guys are so awesome - and boy am I glad my kids were well behaved as sometimes they are total shockers!

Love the pics, love your family - awesome post! You guys seem as crazy as us which is nice.

PaisleyJade said...

p.s. you took some really great photos.

Jen said...

awesome photos

its my dream to meet one of my bloggie friends one day

Anonymous said...

again as I commented on PJ's blog so so love love love this!!!
Jealous much???
when I see you girls getting together like this it just makes me smile...and Simoney I would love to come a check out your little world...I think it would be as amazing as I think it would be.
love the costumes
love the hubbies getting on
love the "water sports"

ok ok I just love it ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

ps Love the pic os you and P.J.

Gail said...

So, so, so cool!
Yay, I have internet again :)

Weza said...

Very very cool! Love seeing all the photos and you did really well conveying how the visit went. I felt like I was right there with you. BTW the G family is welcome at ours anytime. xxx

Brigitte said...

Great photos! Looks like there was loads of fun to be had and how cool to connect like that :-)
Gosh I miss the backyard space of NZ homes!...
Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving your comments - and YES that is Ps. Mark Collard dedicating Beni! We go to Equippers London (City). How small is this world?!? Crazy. What a great connection to have! X

Widge said...

laughing at how you were priming your kids for "a nice family"!! i sooo would be doing that too ;)

Mandee said...

Sounds like great fun! Love the water slide! I'm jealous b/c we have tons of snow here and it's cold!

count it all joy said...

You guys would fit in perfectly around here! Anytime you're in Sydney, let me know. Love the backyard slip 'n' slide. I fear PaisleyJade's family has set the bar too high! Just give me enough time to rig up a flying fox and a jumpy castle and we'll be fine!
Meredy xo.

p.s. where do you stand on cleanliness?
a) high priority
b) live and let live
c) please let us add to your chaos, it makes us feel welcome.

If you answered b or c...call me.

Catching the Magic said...

Fabulous fun and glad it all went so well! Will definitely have to borrow your 'preparing the children' drill! If ever you find yourselves down in Welly you are very welcome - though unfortunately our water-slide doesn't compare - wow - I'd LOVE a go on that!

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