28 March 2010

I'm The Mum Who...

You may have seen me before. I'm the mum who...

...was growling at her kids in the back seat and accidentally reversed into a lamp post

...more than once has had to march her wailing air-raid siren of a daughter through a crowded Mall, as all eyes turned to stare

...was late to school because she couldn't get the car started (so had to quickly run all the way) - only to discover later that the car wasn't broken, just in the wrong gear

...you can hear from up the street yelling for her kid to get off the trampoline at 7pm

...is almost always running late (and blames it on the toddler's pooey nappy)

...caves when her kids ask for a cookie at bedtime (and then worries about their teeth)

...hates brussels sprouts with a passion and would never serve them up to her kids (but often worries that they don't eat enough fruit and veg)

...gives inconsiderate drivers dirty looks and calls them idiots... only to hear her kid say from the back seat: "Man, they should really learn to drive, aye Mum?"

...takes photos of everything. And I do mean everything.

...looks forward to a couple of nights away from her kids... only to get there and miss them so much it's like a physical ache

...thinks that kissing velvety cheeks and holding chubby little hands are two of the best things in the world

...regularly wonders if she's doing a good enough job as a mum

...often feels overwhelmed by the hugeness of the responsibility

...wouldn't trade motherhood for a Million Bucks, even if it is the hardest job in the World. (It is - Oprah said so.)

Yep, that's me. So what about you?

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Jen said...

keep up your good Mummying :)

most of this stuff is common
your not alone

heres to many more happy and memorable times ahead

Sophie said...

A great mum you are!!

I'm the mum who called out the fridge repair man only to find out that someone had switched it off! I still had to pay the $45 call out fee for the privilege of looking like a first class pratt!

Amy said...

Hearing you.

Sarah said...

Great post and so good to read - I am not alone! I've also done the wrong gear thing with the car - started to get cross with the children for playing with the lights and letting the battery go flat - only to later realise I had the car in 'Drive', not 'Park' so it wouldn't let me fire up the engine!

Ditto on the others too....

Anonymous said...

oh I know that mom!!!!

You are indeed, a wonderful mom Simoney...no doubt about that!

I am the mom who allows too many "casual dinner" nights...which is dinner while watching a movie
I also am the mom that lets The Scientist crawl in bed with mommy and daddy in the wee hours of the morning too much.....
And I am the mom who softens to her Rock Star much to quickly when a mamma hug and kiss are involved.....
oh well, they just are not with us always so I figure I have to get it all in when I can!!!

WV cleyase....for some reason that word reminds me of Gail?????

Gail said...

What Cat????? what does that mean?

I'm the mum who tells her kids to "just wipe it on your top it'll come off in the wash".

PaisleyJade said...

Haha - so many things I am like too... especially caving in at bedtime for food and wondering if I'm doing a good enough job! You are an awesome mum!!

Brigitte said...

Oh yeah I am SO there with you!
Feel overwhelmed on a daily basis that I'm not doing a good enough job! Yet wouldn't trade my role as Mamma for ANYTHING!
Keep up the good work at keeping it real! X

meg said...

I'm the mummy who feeds her kids weetbix for dinner when I'm tired and can't be bothered cooking. I also photograph everything and have no nappy excuse for being late.

Anonymous said...

Great post!
the only thing better than chubby hands, are gorgeous chubby feet!

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