06 April 2010

It's In the Bag

I love my handbag. It's not designer, it's not trendy. It's black scuffed leather with a long strap and plenty of pockets for holding all my crap.  It's a great accessory: I can sling it across my tummy to disguise any bloating... or I can fling round the back to cover my butt. It goes wherever I go. And into it gets shoved everybody else's bits'n'bobs.

How long since I've cleaned out my handbag??? Since forever.
I thought it would be fun to pull out the contents and see what is making it so heavy (and so hard to find anything)...
I had some help...

Inside my time capsule handbag were the following essential items...

  • one travel toothbrush
  • one squished "Milkies" snack bar

  • red nail polish
  • a broken watch
  • a hair tie
  • A Lemon Meringue Stamper from McDonalds
  • A full box of tampons (and one loose one)
  • an empty strepsils packet
  • a popsicle stick
  • four random AAA batteries
  • earplugs

  • an envelope with photos of my kids
  • an empty chewing gum packet
  • my hubby's business card
  • an expired parking ticket
  • my studdly westie wallet (um, maybe i need a prettier one?)
  • random ribbons, buttons & hairclips
  • a krusty hanky (ew!! Mr G?!!!?)
  • various dried up lidless markers and some artwork by a certain Miss Fab
  • velcro
  • a sticky sweet
  • random advertising flyers
  • a movie ticket stub
  • a bic pen and finally...
  • some lip gloss

There was also some unidentified crumbs and crustiness lurky in the bottom. I think I'll just empty it straight into the rubbish, and hope like heck there's nothing important lodged there.

I'm scared to touch it wihtout surgical gloves (especially since Mr G's crusty hanky has been swanning around in there since who-knows-when. Ugh!! I shudder to think. I've probably touched it without realising it was even in there... eeeewww!! Thanks a lot sweetie!

Footnote (later that day): Since this was posted, several items have gone "missing". Ahem. A certain young lady has been spotted with red toenails and sporting a broken watch on her wrist. She denies all knowledge of any events leading up to the disappearance of the Lipgloss and... er, the tampons. We are still investigating this case....

Are you a handbag girl? What have you got lurking in there?

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donnasimone said...
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Sophie said...

hee hee... the hanky grosses me out too. My dad and mum use them and I point blank refuse! Tissues all the way!

meg said...

Trying to comment here... I'm still logged in from yesterday so I'm sure it'll work... my handbag(s) are a problem because I keep swapping from one bag to another and then don't have what I need... grrrrr.

Laura said...

the ear plugs and velcro are my personal favorite

Lisa said...

I love that handbag post. I too have a maccas stamp in the bag. Well at least I did until I cleaned it out for my trip today.
That hankie is gross! Loving the disclaimer.
See you Sunday. EEEK!

linda B said...

most of our bags should come with a health warning! Apparently NEVER put it on the bench as the bottoms are rank too from when we put it on the floor everywhere! you are very funny Simone! xx

count it all joy said...

I love that you haven't edited your bag before posting its contents. I find it so discouraging when I see those posts of women's designer handbags that seem to only contain the latest Dior lipstick, lipgloss, phone and Filofax. Not a tampon or crumbled biscuit or lolly wrapper in sight! Thanks for keeping it real....yours is heaps more fun. Meredy xo.

Lyns said...

Your handbag does not look big - so I want to know how on Earth you manage to fit in all that stuff??!! It's like the Tardis xx

Meeks said...

I think the weirdest thing floating around in my bag is a pair of underwear...clean underwear that is. My daughter is nearly done with the toilet training, but I have a pair on hand just incase. Sometimes it comes out of the zipped inside pocket and makes an appearance when I grab my wallet...luckily I have jammed it back into the bag and no one has noticed...YET!

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