04 June 2010

KidsClick: New Website!!!

The idea for KidsClick started as boredom - my kids' boredom that is, not mine.

They were whingeing after school, so I dragged them out on their bikes and sent them on a Photo Scavenger hunt - the joys of Digital Cameras!

We had fun. They took some great shots. Then it hit me - my kids are always sneaking off with my camera and taking photos on the sly... why not give them permission and teach them how to do it well??

KidsClick as a competition is still in its formation...

The winner(s) of one competition pick the winners of the next competition.
The problem has been that we are limited to kids whose mothers blog... because photos need to be posted on a blog and linked up on mine.

So yesterday I started this Site: http://kidsclickfun.com/ dedicated to KidsClick.

Now anyone can join in, even if you're not a blogger. Your kids can take photos and email them to me: greatfun4kids@live.com

Then I will post them for you on the KidsClick site and link them up to the competition.

As well as all the photos from young photographers, we will also post up photography tips on the KidsClick site  to help your kids take better pictures.

Some lovely photographers I know have agreed to join in and help out by giving tips; if you're a keen photographer and would like to contribute to the KidsClick sit, let me know! Also, if you have a great idea for some future themes, post me a comment, with your ideas :)

This weeks' theme: "YUCK!" finishes on Tuesday 8th June... so if your kids are bored this weekend, get them out and about hunting for icky things to photograph - then email them to me!

Come on, get your kids clicking and email me their entries or link up yourself HERE!

  • Photos can be cropped but not edited in other ways.
  • Kids must be aged younger than 15 years old.
  • Please tell us your child's age along with their photo, e.g. "Taken by Bobby, age 6" etc
  • If more than one of your kids wants to join in, that's great. Just make sure you label your photos so we know whose is who!
  • If emailing me your kids' entry for me to post up here, please make sure you get it in 24 hours before the competition closing time.
  • If linking up yourself, please link up to your KidsClick post, not just your blog (so we can find it easily)
  • Leave me a comment letting me know you've linked up!
ANY kids can join in now, so spread the word!

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Natasha in Oz said...

Great idea! My Miss M is actually thinking about starting her own blog and wanted to post her entry on her own blog...

I will be linking their pictures somehow...some way very very soon!

Best wishes,

Kathy Monk said...

I'm going to get my girls to take pics!! ;-) BTW thanks for the muffins they were DIVINE xxx

Weza said...

Gotta remember to hand over the camera a bit more. The girls love taking pictures.

Gail said...

Must get onto this - though Miss O is having trouble thinking of "yuck".

Alexandra said...

GREAT IDEA! I love kids photos. My kids always take the best shots...better than anything I ever would've thought of.

Love this idea.

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