03 June 2010

Random Roundup

The Royal Family

We all dressed up (even little Scrag) for our Church's amazing Royal Ball. Gail and I were on the planning team - and we were totally blown away by the turn out and the response.

So many kids and parents all dressed up in their best royal gears. There were so many kids they couldn't all fit in the Banqueting Hall. There were jesters and waltzing, the Limbo and the Macarena. It was great. And best of all, we got some pretty great family photos on a Golden throne.

You just can't ask for better than that.

[Oh, and I've updated our Family Page]

The Triumphant Team

With one more grading game left, Mr G's 8th Grade football team remain unbeaten and unscored-against. That's right. Not one goal has gotten past them in five games. One game remains but we can be pretty sure they'll be in the top grade.

We are all so proud. Especially of Dash, who has scored nine goals - including two hat-tricks! Wahoo.

Undersea Adventures

We used up our nearly-expired Entertainment voucher for Kelly Tarltons Underwater World.

While there, our children narrowly avoided being swallowed whole by a man-eating shark... we also discovered that as much as Scrag loves trains and things with wheels, he's not so keen on actually being on them - that is if they make a noise and are fairly dark. He cried the whole way around the penguin ride and couldn't wait to get off. Here he is, still subdued and clinging to daddy, half an hour later...

The Boys Club

7.15am this morning, I am greeted by the sound of little feet running and little voices whispering. I stumble my bleary-eyed way up to Dash's room and discover that my boys have made a club hut on Dash's bunkbed.

They have hung up a quilt and are stashing their favourite things inside. It was just too cute. I ran for the camera and managed to snap a few pics of the best buds. Nobody was dressed. Nobody had had breakfast. But they were having fun together and playing so beautifully, big boy and little brother(while the daughter of the house snoozed on). I could hardly growl, could I??


 NEW KidsClick Website

I've done it. I've set up a little blog-on-the side for Kidsclick. I figured that lots more kids could participate (including my own) if we had a seperate site where kids whose mums don't blog can post their photos.

So if you are reading this and you don't blog, but your kiddies are keen photo-takers, you can now get them to join in KidsClick! Email me their photos (with names and ages) and I will post them for you on our new site, and link them up. You have until next Tuesday 8th June. The theme is "YUCK!"

Click HERE to link up...

My Stats (I don't mean to brag but I am buzzing)

I have google analytics installed on this blog so when the mood strikes me I can check that people actually read me. I'm not obsessive about it, I don't check it all the time. Just every now and then.

This morning I logged on and got a very nice surprise!

This month 1009 individual people have visited my blog. They have collectively viewed over 6000 pages, and spent an average of three minutes reading an average of two posts per visit. 1000 people! this month!

I am humbled and quite frankly blown away. Thankyou everybody, for reading my thoughts. I surely do appreciate it.

One Small Downer
I decided to take the leap and get a dotcom domain for this blog while I was at it - only to discover that some other bugger has parked the name already! Who would do that???

So now I am left with the option of being a dotnet or dotme... apparently dotme is good for blogs??? What do you think? Which way would you go - greatfun4kids.net? or greatfun4kids.me?

That's all from us today :)

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Widge said...

I totally don't understand the stat counter thing. I had one once (somehow) and couldn't work it out...now I don't know how to find it again? yip, computer tard, that's me ;)

Jen said...

the Royal Ball sounds neat
love the photos

that man-eating shark looks awesome
and Im not so sure about the very first photo LOL

PaisleyJade said...

Great pics - stink about the domain name. Someone had taken mine when I went for it but then a few months later it was available so I snatched it up! Maybe you could just wait and check every week for a month or so until it becomes available?

Mika said...

Congrats on your stats! Google analytics looks fun...I was wondering where you put the tracking code?? It says put it in every page you want tracked....does that mean I put it in every post I do?? (can you tell I have no idea?!?!)

Anonymous said...

love those Royal Family pics....so fun
congrates on the readers, though have to say that I am not surprised
great story about the morning too...sometimes you just can't growl!lol

Anonymous said...

The royal ball sounds brilliant and your stats look brilliant.
Just brilliant all round really!

Gail said...

That is the most hilarious photo of Scrag. Honestly!

Sarah said...

Wow, you've been super duper busy and I so love your new look blog with all the lovely info at the top and the great background. I just checked out the KidsClick blog too - a fab idea! Congrats on the stats! Sarah x

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