28 September 2010

At Our House (School Holidays)

SATURDAY: Breakfast made and served lovingly by Daddy for the Princesses of the House...

Who needs expensive entertainment when you have a crazy dad like ours and a cool backyard???

SUNDAY: Yo! Yo! Wazzup my homies??!!! B-ball with Team G. We are so cool.

MONDAY: A holiday treat: Despicable Me with the big kids while Scrag was in preschool. What a cool movie. LOVED IT!!!!!

Amazing how new (electric) toothbrushes will inspire kids to greater heights of dental hygiene!

So far we are surviving (and even enjoying) our Spring School Holiday. How bout YOU??

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Anonymous said...

awesome Simoney
lots of action happening at your house!
how long are the holidays for?
any BIG plans or are you sticking close to home?

love and light

Lou said...

All sounds like a lot of fun for the school holidays. Fun for the little kids and the big ones!

Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

Leonie said...

looks like great fun in your house. We are into week two and its been a bit quieter here... sleepovers and a day out with Daddy and a few morning teas with friends... looking forward to heading to the city on Thursday to meet a fellow KMB thanks to you Simone!!!

jacksta said...

cool! My kids are obsessed with getting new tooth brushes!

Tammy said...

We just stared BTS...so no holiday for us for awhile. Loved seeing you pics...everyone is having so much fun. I love how you your pics in a collage like that...what program do you use to do that??

Brigitte said...

What fun!! I realised I was reading through your post and looking at the VERY COOL PHOTO COLLAGES with a grin on my face :) Their enjoyment and happiness is captured brilliantly and is infectious! So pleased you are loving the holidays together X

PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like a fun filled holiday time so far! Ours is pretty slow at the mo.

I haven't given in to electric tooth brushes yet... but you've nearly convinced me!!

Cathie said...

it looks like you are all having a wonderful & fun time. our holidays have been a little quiet.

Megan said...

looks like stacks of fun to be had in your house at the moment! enjoy the rest of your holidays :)

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