15 September 2010

Undercover Bloggers Launched!

A quick post before my son kills me for spending so long on the computer... (I did a deal with hubby; he gets the kids their dinner (leftovers) so I can blog... and I'm cooking us STEAK once they're all in bed).

Here is the web address for the new Undercover Bloggers site.


Would love you to follow and even add us into your blogroll??
I'll get a button made soon too.
I have set it up and added a few posts. I've also sent out some invitations to be contributors to a bunch of people.
Let me know if I missed you and you want to get on borad.
I'll need your email address.
Email me at greatfun4kids@live.com

Righto. Better get the kiddos in bed before there's riots!

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