21 September 2010


I came across a bunch of old photos today which really made me smile... reminding me how quickly laughter turns to tears.

You know the scene. The kids are wrestling on the bed. They are laughing and tickling each other, giggling. There is jumping and rolling, arms and legs tangled together, somebody sits on someone's face; someone else gets an elbow in the teeth... and the wailing starts up.

What began so well and with such joy quickly becomes a war zone with accusations flying, tears streaming and Mummy is left to pick up the pieces and try to negotiate World Peace.

And it's only worse when Daddy gets in on the act. Guaranteed to be tears, and they won't be his, the great big Booffer. I sometimes ask myself, "Do they never learn anything?"

And yet. I guess what lingers in their memories is the fun of the wrestling, the tickling and the giggling, or they wouldn't be keen to jump in the minute somebody shouts, "Fun fight!"

Or to pile on Daddy the second another one shouts, "Let's get him!!!" (as if they actually could)

I am the Mother. I am wise. I know it will only end in tears.
But do I stop them? (as if I actually could)

Cos it's lotsa fun while it lasts!

Do you do this at your house (or is it just US?)

PaisleyJade's family have taken this to a whole new level - with no tears! Check out THIS POST that really made me smile...

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Widge said...

Ours Always ends in tears and I have become the resident kill joy because I'm so over picking up the pieces!! haha it really is mental...and it took many years for Gooseman to finally understand that it's not cool to wrestle me!

meg said...
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meg said...

Yeah the boys have "jump on daddy" time at our place, and lately they (the kids) have taken to being wrestlers in their undies and singlets. There are always tears but I think it's an important kind of play. Rough and tumble gives them a chance to learn their limits, their strength, what it feels like to hurt and be hurt but in a reasonably safe way.

PaisleyJade said...

We usually have tears but this time I was pleasantly surprised to see none!! I think wrestling is great for teaching kids boundaries and how to handle their emotions (especially boys). I didn't get involved though!!

Catching the Magic said...

I still remember this kinda play from my own childhood. Though there were tears it is the laughter I remember. Great post.

Losing Brownies said...

We use to do that when we were kids! I loved it! I can totally see us doing that with The Boy and his future siblings too.

Anonymous said...

Our home is a very "hands on' place..it gets rough! Sometimes I just have to leave the room...actually who is kidding who...MOST times I have to leave the room.
This is so part of the family dynamic...I remember it well with my brother..loved him one moment hated him the next, punching each other one moment,playing like best friend the next!!! What a roller coaster!
this post made me laugh!

Allyson & Jere said...

We did it allll the time growing up. My Dad would lay in the middle of the floor and we would walk around him trying to avoid getting grabbed. Of course he'd get us, then he'd pin us under his legs or arms. We would end up screaming and bawling, he'd finally release us, and then we'd stupidly do it again.

My younger brother and I would always start out doing play fights that ended up with knock down drag out, pin 'em down and spit on them and be hit fights. Nope, we never learn.

Cute post.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Ah the memories of doing this with my little brothers - until they got so strong it wasn't fun for me anymore as I'd just end up pinned down under both of them!

And with 2 little boys growing quickly, I have so much of this to look forward?! to ahead methinks. Although I'm sure I can see the younger beating up the older with the way the personalities are developing. Bound to be entertaining and frustrating all at the same time!

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