29 October 2010

Blogging and Other Cool Things

HE needs me...

What an up and down week I've had!

Here's my list of the top five things I've learnt/discovered/enjoyed this week...

1. Freeing Myself from the Blog-Guilt
If I have a good blog people will still read even if I don't spend 13,541 hours a week commenting on the blogs of the world and reply to every comment. I can get off the treadmill and I will survive. I don't need to join in every bloghop and forum to boost numbers. I just need to do what I love to do: Write good stuff.

SHE needs me...

2. I can revise my bloggy etiquette and still be a nice blogger.
Here are my new Blogiquette Rules:
  • I don't have to reply to every comment. I read and love every comment but I only need to reply to comments if they need a reply. I think I can do this without anybody hating me.
  • There are only so many blogs I can read regularly. I can follow you if I "meet you" and like your style... so I can find you again. But my friends' blogs and my favourites are in my sidebar. Those are the ones I will visit and comment on regularly. This list is not set in concrete so if I start to get to "know" you via the comments... hey there's always room for new friends :)
  • I will always always reply to emails. If you really want a reply make sure you either include your email in your comment or send me one direct.
  • If you follow me I will always try to come by and see who you are... but sometimes life intervenes. And that's OK. My kids need me more than you do.
HE needs me too...

3. I Love PhotoBucket.
I love how you can play around with your photos and make collages and add borders and buttons and the generate code there... have you tried all the photo tools on Photobucket? You don't need a fancy design programme like Photoshop. You can be fancy for free right there. You should check it out, really.

This stuff won't tidy itself...

4. I am a Christmas Shopping Nerd.
I've done 70% of my Christmas Shopping in the last week. I have a spreadsheet and everything. Can you hear me patting myself on the back??

But the chores can wait... Fun together is essential, yes??

5. I am a new fan of Post Scheduling.
I got this tip from one of you lovely readers! I am typing this right now at night while my kids are sleeping. I will set it to post in the morning and like magic you will see a new post from Simoney in your reader/blogroll. Meanwhile I will be getting my kids to school and going Christmas shopping and seeing my counsellor and playing with my toddler and eating lunch with my hubby instead of spending all day here, hunched over my keyboard. Darn it, I might even get out in the sun!

Fun together makes us stronger {plus it's such blimmin great post material!}

So here's to a new more relaxed approach to blogging from me. My life does not depend on it. I don't imagine you sit staring at your screen waiting for a post from me to pop up, do you? That's what my hubby reminds me all the time. Chill out Simone. They won't all be devastated if you miss posting a day or two. Right?


Here's FIVE POSTS that spoke to me this week:

So now... off to put my feet up and wait for the magic of scheduling to do my work for me...

I'm looking forward to a Friday night out for dinner with friends and a Saturday Night Bright Light Party. I'll be back with pictures next week!

Happy Weekend! {Pssst! What are your top five from this week??}

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Sarah Gauntlett said...

I wont die if you don't reply... but...

do you read (when you have time!) http://pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com/
He loves to blog but loves to have a life too and takes breaks all the time. the best part about it is he tells us when he is on a break and why - he doesn't have to but i think if he didn't, i'd be worried about him or wondering if he'll ever return. If you want a break - maybe take like a week off and put up a post telling us, that way we all know to come back in a week and that we don't have to die a little inside every day we come back and you haven't written....

just putting some thoughts out to ya.

p.s. post scheduling is the bomb!!!!!! Thats how i do almost every post of mine!

PaisleyJade said...

I heart your list!!!

Weza said...

That photo of miss fab is gorgeous!
Yes i totally dont expect a reply to every comment. Will still love ya. xxx

Penny said...

Did Scrag fall asleep on the floor? ha ha
But that's awesome Simone, free from blog guilt! Gonna give Photobucket a try x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pic of Miss Fab
handsome boy that Dash...
and really what can one say of the Scrag??!!!!

these are good things Simone
I like it!

love and light

Brigitte said...

Good on you Simone!
I love your new outlook on blogland.
Go and enjoy your children, husband and the sun!!
I look forward to reading your posts as and when they happen :) xx

Sophie said...

I'm so with you Simoney! Thanks for the photobucket tip! Will check it out. Have you seen picnik.com? Love,

banban said...

As you can see I've taken a more relaxed approach about blogging too..... like only blogging once a month??! Ha, but seriously, there is more to life than blogging and it's a good thing to remember. xx

Carey Morris said...

I agree with everything you said in todays post and will be giving post scheduling and Photobucket a go!

Jess said...

I love your fresh perspective on blogging. I totally understand the need to reevaluate and find more balance. The best thing I have found lately is asking myself 'Is this working for me?'. If the answer is no, then its time to find something that does. This sounds exactly like what you have done too. Love reading your blog - even if it is only once a week or a month if you find that works. You inspire me with you truth, understanding and honest problems and solutions. Keep doing what works for you Simone and I will be right here cheering you on and being inspired by you :) xxx

alicia said...

Sounds like a good week full of enlightening ah-ha moments. I love photobucket too. And am a fan of scheduling posts. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

It's good that you find time for your family and for yourself...blogging isn't the most important thing in the world....(it seems essential to remind oneself of that sometimes^^)

just wanted to stop by to say HI =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simone :)
Balance is a lifelong struggle isn't it! I'll look forward to your posts however often they come :)

sevencherubs said...

just found your blog and looooovvveee it! so enjoyed reading your list - I need to take a blog break myself - feeling very tired from all this blogging and writing :) thanks.

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