23 November 2010


outrageous sense of fun

big green eyes
(and a freckled nose)

kids I love to bits
(but you were the first)

you will be my baby
(even when you are all grown up
and have kids of your own)

fingers on each hand,
reaching out eagerly to try new things

grown-up teeth shining out at me 
in your cheeky grin

things you are the best at:
* kicking balls *scoring goals * running fast
*bedtime snuggles *making friends
*making me laugh

 years of loving you so far. My Boy.
My cheeky funny sporty crazy Boy.

Born November 23rd 2002, 10.15pm
Happy Eighth birthday Dash.
I love you 4 Eva.
from "One Hot Mummer" (feel the love...??!!)

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Natasha in Oz said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a wonderful day Dash. Did you get our ecard?

Blessings and best wishes,

PaisleyJade said...

Happy birthday Dash!!! Hope you had a wonderful day - especially with your grandma arriving. Well done mum and dad for doing such a great job raising such an awesome guy.

jacksta said...

aw what a sweet post...happy birthday Dash!

Gail said...

Nicely done hon!!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

This is such a sweet sweet post - I'm sure Dash loved it too which is the main thing!

Widge said...

Happy Birthday for the other day Dash! I can totally verify, he's way cool and kicks a mean soccer ball down the hall ;)

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