03 November 2010

Project Smile: I Survived October

Yesterday I crashed the car. Yep, I did. Thought the intersection was clear and pulled out... only to feel that sickening crunch as I smacked into another car. A high school student on her restricted license. A very sweet girl who mouthed at me through the window: "Are you OK?"

Thankfully no-one was injured. Thankfully we have insurance. But it kid of tops off what has been a bit of a tough month for me. October had some rough spots.

I survived panic attacks, verbal attacks, school holidays, brain fog, meltdowns and crazy hormones. Here I am still alive and kicking. Surely I must have to smile about that?

So I decided to break my blogging-during-the-day embargo and focus on Project Smile.

I really need to think hard and remember the things from the past month that were good. The things that made me smile and brightened my days. So in no particular order, here are my smiles for October (I'm gonna just start typing)...

  • waking up to hear my Scrag singing the alphabet. He is Two Years Old.
  • watching my six-year-old clean out my car so she can earn money to buy her brothers Christmas presents - totally her idea. She did an amazing job (and only wanted two dollars!)
  • Another facial. Ahhh bliss.
  • Putting the daybed in the carport outdoor living room. Hours of relaxing with a book while the kids play outside. Gotta be worth at least 11 smiles, that one.
  • Spring sunshine. Spring blossoms. Spring in general.
  • Discovering that the choc caramel slice at The Library Cafe is Gluten Free (and to die for)
  • telling my hubby I crashed the car and getting nothing but support and love (technically in November but hey, I need a smile today)
  • Hearing my nearly eight-year-old tell me that having me on his school trip made him "excited like a birthday"... I felt all kinds of wonderful right then
  • Having 70% of my christmas shopping done in October
  • Sweet Note from Miss Fab: "I am so sorry for being rude So came pletly"
  • Sweet note from my lovely friend Meg... with DVD containing six episodes of the new (not in NZ yet) Greys Anatomy for me to watch. Oh I was smiling so wide my face nearly cracked.
  • Submitting my first-ever article to NZ Parenting Magazine (publication in December) and getting an email back from the editor saying, "we are lucky to have you" HUGE GRIN that one

  • Asking Scrag if he is ready for bed yet and hearing him say clear as the day, "Not yet, mum..."
  • Hearing Scrag talk. He is speaking so well. He can count to ten!
  • Watching him look at our family photos with a grin on his face as he points to each of us... "Mummy, Daddy, Doshy, Wubby, Nono and mahmah (grandma)..." He gets such a kick out of it. I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy (awww look Project Smile is working! I am smiling just remembering him!)
  • My husband. Who I have been married to for ten years tomorrow. We seem to be getting closer and closer lately. His arms around me make me feel so safe, which I've really needed. Man I love that guy.
  • A Party for no reason. A Mother-Daughter Day. Smiles all round.
  • Our Bright Light Party. What a wonderful night. Best Party Ever, I think. All those pretty lights made me smile so much. Warm fuzzies big-time.


Look at that list. What a lot I have to smile about. In spite of the things I've struggled with this month, there is so much to be thankful for in my world.

What did you have to smile about last month? {you can join in with Project Smile over at Alicia's Blog}

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Laura said...

thank God you are OK
and you are right
I know you are
I think I need to make a list too

Leonie said...

I am glad you are ok!
And what an amazing list. It is amazing how if we step back and look for the good - there's so much to be thankful for.
Of course, its not negating the tough month you've had, the tough times make the good times even better and of course make us stronger.
Hugs and I hope November is also full of amazing SMILES for you too.

A Life Less Complicated said...

and this is why I read your blog! It snaps me out of that "everything is wrong" lull and makes me realise it's probably not as bad as I think it is - I'm glad you're ok and yay for Scrag talking (BIG smile for that!)

and Happy Anniversary in advance - hope you both/all have a wonderful day

Amy said...

What an amazing month! And such opportunities in there to hit the deck and feel hopelessly low but you chose to give thanks instead. It is remarkable what grace grows from gratitude and I love how you have done it this month. Felt for you a few weeks ago with the bloggy tension, where it becomes such a pull for time and recognition. But your negotiation out of that space was quick and effective and mature. Loved it. You are awesome babe. Keep writing for an audience of One. Nobody else matters really. Have a wonderful anniversary :) xx mwaa

Anonymous said...

so awesome Simoney!!!!
I am really proud of you...YOU MADE IT!!!!!
Ahhh, sometimes is can feel like we are just scrapping our way through eh?
But always so many thingsto be grateful for, so many things that can make us smile.
Speaking of smile...i would love to see a pic of my prints in you home.... could that be arranged? Just wanna see what they look like all together.
: )

love and light...as always!

PaisleyJade said...

Such a good idea - October now looks like the best month ever... and don't forget getting to hang with your blogging buddy Widge!!


jacksta said...

ooh Greys anatomy....Jealous much! Wonder when the rest of us will just have to watch it delayed!

Carey Morris said...

Your list made me smile, I can't wait to do my own! Love the collages you have made on this blog.

Allyson & Jere said...

That IS a wonderful list of things worthy of smiling at. And thank you for posting it, to remind me to smile at the many things that are good around me. I've found myself VERY down lately, with a grumpy face and disposition. I MUST slow down and take the time to giggle with my kids and smile at the good around me. Hope your November brings you many more smiles.

Widge said...

so cool about the article simoney!!

CK said...

I am so sorry you were in a crash! Ai! What a nightmare. But I'm glad you could stay upbeat and take the time to review all these smiles.
I wish I had all my christmas shopping done! I haven't even started yet. Way to go! And happy anniversary!!!
(popped over from Beautiful Mess)

Jess said...

Beautiful post. I love the way you have made October now a month to smile about. Makes me smile to know that even on a bad day/week/month there are treasures hidden some where. Happy anniversary - 10 years! Way to go. You give me hope and inspiration for my journey ahead. xxx

alicia said...

Girl,I have tears in my eyes. But I think they are the happy ones. I'm so sorry to hear of your accident and other junk. Life is filled with that. But the fact that you decided to focus on the smiles couldn't make me happier. Your 8 yr old telling you that having you there made him excited like a birthday (what a beautiful moment), having such fab words from a magazine submission (WOW), and 10 years with a man you love and adore. Congrats. That is a wonderful list and I'm so glad you shared it with us. It certainly made my day a little brighter. I'm so glad the blogging world led me to you. You are a remarkable person. Real, beautiful, witty, and a heart of gold to boot. May November bring you an extra dose of smiles...

Tayarra said...

Wow! Those smiles are beautiful. And the way you put them together... love it! I have a newly 2 year old and I love hearing him talk as well. I know the feeling of that smile. Also the feeling of the smile when you think you are about to get it from your spouse, but he shocks you and is supportive. That makes the situation seem so insignificant but does a ton to the relationship. Congrats on your 10 years and feeling the way you do!!! Looking forward to Novembers!

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