22 November 2010

Grandma is Coming to Town

(Christmas comes early)

Grandma arrives today at T minus 0400. Er, that means 1.30pm. Which is four hours from now.

As I write she is winging her way across the Pacific Ocean with butterflies dancing in her tummy. It's nearly two years since Grandma was here, and it's a long long way to come (around 30 hours travel time from the UK to Auckland via Dubai)

The kids can't wait. They went to sleep full of excitement and woke up singing... it's today! Grandma is coming today!
They get so excited when Grandma comes.
We try to remind them not to be greedy and ask for presents the second she lands.

This year she is staying six weeks, spending Christmas and New Year with us and coming early specially for Dash's eighth birthday (which is tomorrow).

Grandma has never yet made it to one of Dash's birthdays so he is ultra pumped and looking forward to seeing Grandma dressed as Princess Leia for his Star Wars Party on Saturday. The things we do.

The room is ready. It's small but perfectly formed. Scrag's playroom (former nursery) which is about the size of a cupboard, has been transformed into a hidey-hole for Grandma, complete with wardrobe, full length mirror, and an oscillating fan (It's gets pretty stuffy sleeping in a cupboard in summer.)

Miss Fab's artwork adorns the walls, a rose sits on the windowsill. We think Grandma will love it.

Now I just have to clean the bathroom, scrub the loo, and put the finishing touches on the rest of the house. All is sparkling and awaiting the Arrival of the Queen grandma.

It really does feel like Christmas come early.
I am blessed with a very sweet mother-in-law. She loves to shop and go to cafes.
She is young and energetic and my kids are her greatest treasures.
A gem of a woman.

So I must off and finish the preparations.
Be back soon!!


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banban said...

Oooh enjoy, there's nothing quite like family. I love the little cupboard room, looks cute and cosy, tidy and pretty.

Cate said...

My kids love it when their grandma visits from Australia, Enjoy your exciting day!

jacksta said...

cool! Looking forward to seeing the party pics next week!

Losing Brownies said...

I hope you enjoy the time with your mother-in-law

Lyns said...

The room looks very sweet. Enjoy x

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Ooh yay, how exciting. I love the anticipation of seeing family after long-lost separations. My parents in-law are due from the UK end of Jan for seven weeks after 2 years since the last visit - we will be like cats dancing on hot coals that day! So cool that Grandma gets to be here for the big birthday too - will be so special for you all. Enjoy!

PaisleyJade said...

Enjoy your time with her - she sounds so special!!!

Anonymous said...

the room looks so inviting!
enjoy you time together...it is so precious

love and light

Sarah said...

Looks fabulous! Enjoy every precious moment. We are looking forward to my parents-in-law flying over from the UK beginning of Jan and staying for 5 weeks. It's been nearly four years since we last saw them!!!

Jess said...

Enjoy you time together.

Crystal said...

OMGosh my dudes love it when Grandma comes to town. There is something special about "grandma love". Enjoy the visit; enjoy letting Grandma spoil your babes!!

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