15 November 2010

Loving... Not Loving: Mornings

I am the total opposite of a morning person. Waking up for me is like being a fish who swum up from the depths only to find itself stranded in the beach flapping helplessly and gasping for air.

There is not much to love about mornings.

I don't love that right now all of this awaits my attention...

Only one small corner of my house is in order...

My linen cupboard. Tidied in anticipation of the Imminent Arrival of my Ma-in-Law next week. (She needs to be able to find a towel, right?)

So that's the Mess. I do not love the Morning Mess left by the triple-strength tornado that screams through my house every day, leaving behind all manner of debris.

Which of course brings me to the Mayhem. How is it that every morning I have the same conversation battle with my daughter in my attempts to get her out the door for school???


She's so hard to wake. I think it's a growth spurt. Her arms and legs resemble a newborn foal's (she has the appetite of a young horse too). Every morning its a variation of the same old argument. Can't find this. Won't wear that. Waaaah waaaah waaaah... Hurry up you're making us late giving me a headache sending my bloodpressure through the roof ruining my morning... You have a daughter??? You understand???

Don't. Love. The. Mayhem.

But then...
when we make it out the door... tears dried, tempers calmed, hugged and kissed goodbye...
there is

Oh I love that.


So here I sit ignoring my mess. Sipping my coffee. Talking to you.

Now, while I'm at it here are a few other things I am loving right now...

Loving this guy...


He is too funny, my little comedian. He has this new saying for me {you have to imagine it with a slight attempt at an American accent}:

"You're one hot mama aintcha?"

Hilarious. After the first few times he slipped that into conversation, I asked him (between giggles), Where did you get that from, son?
Captain Underpants. The Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman to be precise.
The sweet joys of having an eight year old who loves to read. Tee Hee.
Makes my day every time.


Loving my new backyard.
It's a work in progress but the garden people came in last week and dug up all the undergrowth, transplanted my roses to the front and sowed the old weed patches with lawn. We have about a third more playing space in the backyard now.


Once the grass comes up it will be great. Mr G has big plans to extend our deck and add another level on the playhouse... all that extra space!

Not loving the mess of the front yard.


The digger which was transplanting my roses accidentally cracked the water pipe and Mr G had to dig up the front lawn to find the leak. Sniff.
We were without running water for a whole day. Boy you sure appreciate something as simple as turning on a tap when you don't have it.

I think that will have to do for now. I mean, you've seen the state of my house. I can't sit here talking to ya forever (much as I'd like to).

What are you Loving/Not Loving lately?

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Johnny said...

Hehe, the Monday carnage after the weekend is my dread too but the silence after school drop off is awesome. Gives me time to properly wake up!

Kathleen said...

I love your mess - it looks very like mine, and I only have one small tornado!! (I think most of the mess is really down to me, but he's an excellent scapegoat!!).

What a fantastic playing space you're going to have! :)

Sarah Gauntlett said...

hehe you funny.

that thing about your daughter reminds me of a quote from that movie 'Date Night' - just saw it and it was hilarious.. at one point the mum says something like " and every night I fight to get the kids into their pajamas, like its this BIG SURPRISE that they have to get into their pajamas EVERY NIGHT" I LOL'd hard out!

that mess is crazy btw. i thought my house was messy with one kid. not sure i want another....

Natasha in Oz said...

I just said goodbye to hubby and Big Al and quickly snuck up here to my computer to have a quick read of my favourite blogs. You have just made me feel so much better about the horrors I am about to face... I am so glad to see that I am not the only one to face "Kitchen Carnage" every morning!

Best wishes,

Widge said...


you know it. ;)

Leonie said...

your son is so funny! Captain underpants is popular here too with my 7 year old son.
Can totally relate to the morning carnage.. our house constantly looks like a battleground.
Now its off to school and kindy we go and the peace can settle for a few hours. Although sometimes I kind of miss the craziness when they arent at home.. remind me of that in three weeks when our school holidays start!

Brigitte said...

I love that Captain Underpants quote - BRILLIANT!!
Sorry to see the result of a broken waterpipe in your front garden... May your grass grow rapido!

jacksta said...

Looks a lot like my house every monday...I'm hoping if I ignore it will go away.

Anonymous said...

Man I totally could have copy/pasted this post to my own blog lol. I know it's selfish, but when I saw your mess I felt blissfully happy hahaha! That's MY house and MY morning nightmare! Thanks God for you, you've made me feel like less of a failure. Why do I believe everyone's home but my own looks like a magazine spread 24/7?

Sarah said...

Ditto here - except my third is a baby at home, on the move, creating havoc as soon as I've turned my back; but at least I get nap times.

Sorry to hear about the water pipe - gah! But like the sound of the work you're having done on your garden. Have a good week :)

Jess said...

Oh I'm so glad that real people have these same real struggles I have. Anyone ever get that feeling that the messy/untidy police are about to burst through the door at any moment and slap you with a big fine or jail for the state of your house? I struggle so much with things out of order that it sends me into this spin where messy police exist. Thanks for helping me feel better knowing that I'm not the only Mum who can't get the kids out of the house without it being turned upside down. :)

Love the backyard space and :( about the water pipes.

PaisleyJade said...

double snap! Just get my housework sorted on Monday only to have the house totaled again by Tuesday!

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