29 November 2010

U2?? Me Too!!!


My husband once did an impersonation of me at a U2 concert...

ME {waving}...Bono! Bono! You're a bit loud! Edge?? Could you play your guitar a little quieter...?"

We didn't think the guys would appreciate that.
So in 2006, much as I would have loved to see U2 (my favourite band) Hubby went to the concert alone.

But not this time. I went to U2!!!!!!

Me, Mr G, granny Winnie and Mr G's P.A. Nat. We had seats in the South stand. I took earplugs (but hardly wore them). And had a blast!!!

I love love love U2. I love their lyrics, their melodies. I love what they are about and how they use their fame to make a difference. I even love Harry Enfield doing U2. But most of all I can now say I love them live!


I did not however love Jay-Zee. Is he famous just for being married to Beyonce?? She came with him to Auckland you know; they were snapped at a harbourside cafe. Couldn't Beyonce have played instead? I like Beyonce. Jayzee, not so much. A strange choice of supporting act for U2. Rap??? Bono, what were you thinking?? Hardly music, I say. At one point he sang, "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye..." so out of tune I felt embarrassed for him...

I heard that in Europe they got Snow Patrol as their support act. Snow Patrol!!! I love that band too. That's what I call a match for U2.

But that's OK. I had my earplugs and I used them on JayZee. I was saving my ears for Bono.


At least we had a floor show to watch. We were entertained by a pair of girls and their girly-men who thought all eyes were on them as they wiggled their little toushes and did the fingers at each other while waving their (banned) ciggies in the air. We laughed behind our hands when security booted them out of their seats... tee hee. Not far though, gentle reader (did I shock you with my malice?) They were just sitting in the wrong spot.

Finally JayZee mercifully exited stage left {I apologise to all Jay-zee fans for the dissing; I just particularly can't stand rappers; except maybe Will Smith}.


Nature called and my resourceful hubby led us straight past the long queues for the stinky portaloos, behind the concession stands, beyond some trees, stumbling through the undergrowth in the dark to a proper flush-toilet block. OK it was the Mens. But did I care??

Don't ask me how he knew where to go. Don't remind me what may have been lying just beyond the reach of our cell-phones' luminous glow (the only light we had)... I was not bothered. All I cared was that we made it back in time for U2 to come on.

Back we stumbled to our seats where the big clock whirred faster and faster counting down to the moment when U2 would arrive.... eeeeeeh!!!

I tellya I squealed like a teenager. I jumped to my feet and waved my arms at Bono, the Edge and co. as they appeared on the giant 360o screen, looking just the same in real life as on TV. Haven't they aged well???!! Eeeh, yes. Just compare them to the Rolling Stones. Ugh. Must be all that clean-living hey??


Of course I can't tell you really what it was like. It's one of those things where you really have to be there.
I couldn't believe I didn't need my earplugs hardly at all. Must be because I love their music so much.
They moved us all when they did a heartfelt tribute to the 29 tragic Greymouth miners, declared dead just that day.

Up on the screen rolled the names of all the miners, "Lost to this world," said Bono, "But not to The Eternal." Wow. Shivers down all our spines.

So I will leave you with this track from their latest album, Moment of Surrender, our new favourite. An amazing track, a beautiful song, a wonderful memorable evening.

So blessed to have been there. O yes. So thankful. I LOVE U2. They totally Rock.

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Unknown said...

Love this song and Love U2. Tom and I saw them for the first time last fall and are seeing them again in July. Cannot wait! We're taking Abby with us. So glad you got to go.

Don't know which is worse as an opening act... Jayzee or the Black-Eyed Peas (who opened when we saw them). Ugh.

Rhiannon said...

Good to hear someones account, wish I could have gone. Although, I would definitely have been going more to see Jay-Z rather than U2! Funny. Different strokes for different folks, aye?

Gail said...

Hahaha. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Jay ZZZZZZZZZ. He was off the hook! It was definitely the BEST night out - the whole thing was mindblowing!

Anonymous said...

Oooh ooh me too! We were in the west stand. Wasn't it fantastic! I've been trying to get to one of their shows for years, (last time it fell on our wedding day) so glad to see them this time! Glad you enjoyed them too!

jacksta said...

jealous much! looks awesome. Love your honesty about Jayzz.

Unknown said...

We saw U2 a year ago here in AZ-they are my all time favorite band (I have seen them 8 times, starting in 1985). When they came to Phoenix, the Black Eyed Peas opened for them, which was awesome!

Glad you liked the show!

Anonymous said...

Great account Simoney, the last concert I went to see was Miley Cyrus so am a little green-eyed at you going to a grown-up concert!

Anonymous said...

i was on their concert in Brussels,two months ago!It was my first time and won't be my last...
U2 was "Magnificent" and Bono was in good shape!
Even the weather,it was raining wasn't a problem and we also had some thunder and lightning,it was magical...
U2 still is the best rockband in the world!!!
It was a "Beautiful Day"for me...

Penny said...

Awesome Simone! Sounded like a fantastic night.
And I just read your article in the Parenting Mag - well done!!!!!!!!!!!

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