01 March 2011

In Print

Yesterday Miss Fab walked in the door from school and handed me a brand new issue of Parenting Magazine, hot off the press. The details of how she came by the mag are unclear. I am guessing she bumped into my Editor??

Yes you heard me. My Editor.
I'll call her that, cos it makes me feel like A Real Writer.

And here's the evidence.
My name. In Print.

I have had articles published in the last two issues of Parenting Magazine!    *squeals*

The first one was a three page spread about my Journey with Depression.

This latest offering, three more pages about my Ten Worst Mothering Moments - and what I learnt from them. (Actually, four pages if you count the title page with cool 50's picture!)

It's an unreal feeling seeing your work in print.
Kind of like a dream come true.
No. Not kind of.
ACTUALLY a dream come true.

Someone asked me about six years ago, when I was up to my eyeballs in nappies and snot-wiping, what would you do for a job if you could do anything?

My dream job, I replied, would be to work for Parenting Magazine.
{Note to Ed: Yes Hannah. Truly}

At the time I had no inkling of writing.
I was thinking, design. Page layouts. Illustrations.
Getting to play a part in contributing to a wonderful publication that helps so many people.
Writing didn't come into it.

But now I have discovered that writing is what I love to do best.
And look! I get to write for my favourite parenting magazine!
Through a serious of very wonderful coincidences and connections, I get to contribute my thoughts and share them with parents all over our country.   *shakes head in disbelief*

So yeah. This past week has been somewhat rocky (to say the least) but yesterday somebody handed me a piece of my dream. And I am so thankful. So blessed.

And bonus... look! Here's my lovely friends Delissimon and PaisleyJade in this issue too!  *smile*

Now I'm off to start working on my next article...  *grin*

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Sarah Gauntlett said...

this is awesome.... but makes me wonder if parenting magazine just searches through all the KMB blogs for content! Hope you are getting some nice pocket money from it :-)

jacksta said...

OH WOOOHHOOOO. I am out the door to buy my copy right NOW! Well done to you, Mon and Paisley!

Simoney said...

Ahhhh Faery Sarah, that's so cynical! The magazine is amazing and has a bunch of great content just so happens that a few of us made it in at the same time this issue for various reason... I know the ed is a great blog-reader so that probably how she came across these ladies. Mon featured in a story about Mummy bakers (one of three ladies interviewed, her story is very moving) and Kristy's story is in the tweens and teens hot tips section - their family used a Parents inc resource called "the Big Weekend" and wrote about their great experiences. xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Simone! You amazing published writer you! :)

Anonymous said...

Yee ha! Congratulations Simone - so happy for you! Well done xx

PaisleyJade said...

Ok - was brimming with excitement for your dream coming true Simone and then got a shock to see ours there! I actually emailed them last year after the weekend away thanking them for their awesome resource and sent a link to read about how it went... so no, they haven't been searching through KMB.

Simone, isn't it just God, how when we are in the midst of struggles He reminds us of the great things ahead, His promises, hope etc. So thrilled for you and can't wait to get my copy to read your articles - you write so well and it's an honour to know you in real life too!!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome Simoney

love and light

Leonie said...

Oh AWESOME!!! Simone, you are a great writer and its so exciting to see you world famous in NZ!! YAY for you!!! And doing something you are passionate about - even more exciting!
and Mon and Kristy too!! wow, I know famous people!

Jen said...

i like that mag too
might have buy a copy on Thursday

Elizabeth said...

Wahoo - SO exciting... hoping one day that will be me also!!!!!

Gail said...

AWesome. I need to go and get a copy!!

Johnny said...

Oh cool its out! Can't wait to see how the pages came out! I'm stuck at home with a nasty cold so it might be tomorrow.

Johnny said...

P.S Woo hoo Simone, so great to see you writing for a wider audience. You are very talented at it!

Anonymous said...

So amazing, you really are a wonderful writer!

Carey Morris said...

I'm so happy for you, Parenting Magazine is an awesome magazine and the only one I keep as reference. I love how they cover all age groups and marriage as well. On of my goals is to attend one of their seminars but I'm too busy parenting and playcentreing to get there! LOL

Widge said...

So COOL!!!!! Yes you are a REAL writer!!!! totally awesome guys! so proud you are all my bloggy friendlies :)

keep up the awesome work Simoney xoxo

Natasha in Oz said...

Congratulations Simone!That is just wonderful. If I see a copy of that over here I will be sure to get one.

I hope that all is well your way. I am thinking of you and your sweet family.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations AGAIN!!!! Well done you. it's the best parenting mag on the market too so you are totally UP there. Loving your art too on your singing in the rain post x

Brigitte said...

ARGH so many posts I've missed since being computer-less! But this is really COOL!!! Yay for you Simone! xox

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