23 June 2011

Green Eyed Monster

Sweet little girlie, why you look so sad?
You're acting very angry, you're seeming very mad
Has that green-eyed monster been whispering to you?
You know you shouldn't listen, it really isn't true

Of course I love your brothers and think they're pretty great
But you're my only daughter, my gorgeous girlie mate
It isn't very pretty when you sit there with that scowl
I see that green eyed monster and I hear him in your growl

I wonder if you realise how much you mean to me
My one and only daughter, how more precious could you be?
You're sitting in the middle and I know that must be tough
Not the biggest or the smallest, and I know boys can be rough

Never think I'd overlook you, or forget you, little girl
When I have just one sweet daughter, my treasure, my pearl
Do you think my heart won't fit you? That my arms are not this wide?
Peek into my heart, look here you are now, safe inside

When each new child was born, my heart stretched to fit you in
And now my heart is full of you, full up to the brim
So don't go getting jealous, don't listen to those lies
Come sit here on my lap, snuggle in and wipe your eyes

Green-eyed monsters by their nature are deceptive through and through
They whisper in your ear "you are not loved" "he's more than you"
Green eyed monsters have no place here, now we've found out where they hide
Close your heart off to his whispers, don't let those lies inside

I will always love you, middle child, no more and no less
Than each one of your brothers, each child of mine's the best
I cannot pick a favourite, there's not one I love the most
OK, you're all my favourites, best kids ever, that's my boast.

About the Pictures: These two photographs were taken by me last year (not last week sorry) and are two of my favourite pictures of Miss Fab ever. They capture the vulnerability that lies beneath her bolshy exterior. She's our middle child and I always thought that since she was the only girl we would escape the "middle child" syndrome... but apparently not. Lately she is needing lots and lots of reassurance. Do you have a "middle child" who has gone through this?

Writing Prompt #2.) Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week year. Share both. {For Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writers Workshop}

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Beautiful. I remember seeing the pics before but they're no less beautiful 2nd time around!

We get the green eyed monster with only two so it's definitely not just a middle child thing :-)

Lovely lovely lyrical words hon xx

Gail said...

This is AWESOME I love it. You clever girl! Beautiful pics too!

Barbs said...

Absolutely beautifully written Simone and the photos of Miss Fab are stunning.
With us its not the middle child who feels left out, but our first and only boy. Some days he gets really down about it and it makes me so sad. In his opinion our life revolves around his sisters (and it does to an extent) and he doesnt hold the same weight as them (which of course is untrue). It can be so hard to show each of them that we love them individually and unconditionally, all of the time.

Elizabeth said...

That is beautiful - it actually made me cry!

Renee said...

Beautiful beautiful pics and what perfect words to go alongside them. I love her pouty mouth and gorgeous eyes - very soulful.

I think it's hard being a kid full stop - it'd be hard to be an only child, it's tough to be the eldest, the youngest, the middle... My eldest has certainly had a whole lot more one-on-one time with both of us, where as our youngest will only get one on one time when her sister starts kindy.

My husband and I were talking about how we need to take them one on one for a 'date' once a month where they get to do something fun with just one of us, without their sister there to steal the show (they both do in their own ways).

Anonymous said...


love it ALL!!!!

love and light friend

Lyns said...

Love the photos and the poem (clever you) x

The Woven Moments said...

I was the middle child and it was hard at times.

It sounds like you are giving your middle one the love she needs, though. good job, mama!

Heidi said...

Such a sweet poem, absolutely beautiful.

meg said...

I love your photos and poem. Make sure you print it out somewhere for her to look at when she needs a boost. Maybe in a special mummy and me book where you can write each other love notes. x

hilljean said...

Aww. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful poem. Nice job!

Stasha said...

Lovely. Really lovely.

remaliah said...

That's really beautiful, and stunning photos. What a precious keepsake and reminder to her

April Jade said...

This is such a beautiful post, I was captured by your poem and the photos go beautifully with the words.

Catching the Magic said...

So brilliant! The photos I do remember and are absolutely gorgeous and this poem is an absolute treasure. I hope you keep it safe and treasure it.

Beautiful poem. I too have done a brief poem for the Writing Workshop this week - but too tired to do much - not a patch on yours :)x

Dee said...

That poem is BRILLIANT Simoney. Really brilliant. I am going to copy and paste and keep a copy. I love it when people can get the rhyme right, so it works without messing up the rhythm. Very rare.

BLESS your beautiful little girl. I also, am a middle child between two brothers and reading your poem actually speaks to me a little too even though I'm 'all growsed up'. :) I think that having a copy of this poem will be valuable for her in the years to come. She's seen YOU speak the truth to her so clearly, and I'm sure she will believe it.

Such good stuff.



Dee said...

ps those photos are exquisite!!!

LB said...

Beautiful! Oh, you should so write this on some pretty paper and save it for her one day when she needs it most.

Unknown said...

Great photos! Hopefully she will one day treasure this poem just as you treasure her. Visiting from Mama Kat's

Andie@multiplemama said...

They are great photos and the poem is amazing!

Crystal said...

This is a beautiful poem...I absolutely loved it!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful written poem, and I have always loved those photos of Miss Fab. Granny Winnie xxx

Adrienne said...

Loved every melodic word of this! Very creative, with a vulnerability that responds to the vulnerablity in the photos.

Unknown said...

Simply gorgeous. The photos of Miss Fab are just that---FAB! :)

jenn said...

wow. that is a really great poem. nice work.

and i am a middle child. that only girl thing doesn't matter so much ... alas. it's BECAUSE she's a girl. all we do is compare ourselves to everyone else. we look for what we lack ...

Ashley said...

so beautiful!!! i love it

Kimberly @RubberChickenMadness said...

Love the photos. They seem to completely capture her emotion. And the poem sings of your love for her. Lucky lucky girl :)

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