17 September 2011

From 30,000 Feet

Well, we did it.
By the time you read this we'll be 30,000 feet up in the air.
Over an ocean somewhere.
Half way around the world.
The kids are watching movies, reading, sketching.
Snoozing, eating, smiling.
While Me and Mr G receive compliments 
on our well-behaved offspring.
I pray it may be so.

We're on our way.

Now don't think this means I have abandoned you my friends.
I have a special treat I have been saving.
Another blog tips post is coming your way.

{Sorry Elaine. Elaine hates my blog tips posts. She's not a blogger.}

Its a good one.
Code and instructions on how to make 
your own gorgeous Social Media Buttons.
I've even made different styles to choose from.
So come back Monday OK?
Oooh, and a special guest blogger will be in on Wednesday.
You'll love her post.
Hopefully by Friday I'll be sending you my first postcard 
from the Other Side of the World.

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Leah, aka, Far From Perfect MaMMa said...

Safe travels! Looking forward to reading your post on SM buttons. I just wasted a TON of time trying to link landing site to the image and had no luck. That's blogger for you. Fortunately my client allowed me to do it a different way.

Melanie said...

Read your travel plans. Sounds divine!!! Love, love, love the Scottish Highlands. And lucky you, getting to go to Ireland all alone with Mr. G!

Safe travels and enjoy (like I need to tell you that)!

Amy said...

Happy and safe travels!
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing all your lovely pictures later. Amy

Jen said...

cant wait for your postcard

safe travels and have fun

PaisleyJade said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophie said...

Bon Voyage!!! Hope it all goes fabulously!

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